State Trooper Helps Keep Starboard Safe




“The Starboard goes over and above what most any establishments do,” says Steve “Monty” Montgomery, Starboard owner. “Not only do we have our own Resort Patrol Security officers at our front door for nearly 25 years now, but ever since the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting, we have hired Delaware State Police to not only stand at our entrance, but also to park a vehicle in front of our business so that our customers can be assured we are a very safe place to enjoy while on vacation in Dewey Beach.”

That state trooper vehicle sitting out front reminds folks that the Starboard takes safety seriously, Montgomery said. “We want people to have a total blast and as much fun as possible, but safety is a high priority for us. Beyond that, our entire door staff is fully trained by a special forces training team; same guys who train Delaware police so that we are always prepared to deal with any situation.”

Dewey Beach police are not allowed to work overtime for the town’s bars, which leaves the state troopers with excellent overtime potential, earning around $60 an hour with Dewey police handling all arrests and paperwork. But while sources say there have been plenty of offerings for North Beach and Ivy this summer for state trooper employment, few state police have taken advantage of the opportunity, leaving North Beach and Ivy without any troopers.