Storms & Hurricane Joaquin to Bring Rain, Wind & Flooding to Delmarva



While Hurricane Joaquin is still far to our south, we have another storm system that will bring wind and rain to Delmarva for the next several days and then mix with Joaquin as the storm nears the area on Sunday into Monday.

Delmarva will be dealing with high winds and flooding as we could see 10 inches or more of rain from the storms.  With the high winds – that could mean downed trees, power outages, beach erosion and flooding along the coastal areas and the inland bays.

State, county and local officials are watching the progress of Joaquin as well as conditions from the rains we’re receiving now.  They are making preparations in the event of flooding and power outages and the possible need for shelters to be opened.

Now is the time to put together your emergency kit.  Be ready to evacuate if ordered or if you feel unsafe in your home.  Make sure family members know where to meet in the event that you are separated – and that family members away from the area know your plans if you have to evacute or go elsewhere to ride out the storm.   If you have pets and plan to evacuate – you may not be able to bring your pet with you – many shelters are not pet-friendly.  So be sure to leave your pet food and water for several days.

Click here for the WGMD Storm Prep Guide.

Click here to print a blank NOAA Storm Tracker

Because flooding is an issue here are the tides for Rehoboth Beach and Oak Orchard through Monday.  (click graphics for full size)

And for Oak Orchard

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