Surgeon removes 4,100 gallstones from patient complaining of abdominal pain


A man complaining of abdominal pain was cured after surgeons removed a staggering 4,100 gallstones from his body.

It took 2.5-hours for surgeons to remove the stones from Yogesh Yeole’s gallbladder.

The stones – between 2mm and 4mm – were not visible on a CT scan, but doctors conducted emergency exploratory surgery expecting to find around 20 masses.

The operation took place at Krishna Hospital in Nashik, India, on Saturday.


Yeole, the owner of a hardware shop, having no significant previous medical history came to me with severe abdominal pain on May 25,” Dr. Amit Sharad Kele said. “We carried out sonography, CT scan, liver function test and a test to find out whether there was any inflammation of the pancreas.”

4100 gallstones removed from Yogesh Yeole entire gall bladder. See SWNS story SWSTONE; Doctors remove 4,100 stones gallstones from one man in India. A searing abdominal pain made 43-year-old Yogesh Yeole of Nashik in Maharashtra, India, rush to Krishna Hospital in the same city, where the doctors after carrying out various tests did an emergency surgery to realize that 4100 stones were occupying his gallbladder, blocking the bile flow and causing the severe pain.

The surgery lasted 2.5 hours and left doctors stunned.  (SWNS)

“The sonography showed that a single mass was occupying the entire gall bladder, as in sonography it is difficult to distinguish between the small stones,” Kele said. “Whereas the CT scan report showed cholecystitis which is inflammation of the gallbladder.”

“However, the CT scan did not show any gallstones because they are radiolucent which means they are entirely transparent to radiation and almost entirely invisible in X-ray photographs,” he said. “We went ahead and did an emergency surgery on May 26 and were surprised to find multiple stones. Usually we get to see two to twenty stones, but here there were so many and when we counted them, it was a whopping 4,100.”