To arms, citizens, form your battalions


Recovering from a tooth extraction Friday afternoon, I learned of the mohammedan terrorism against Paris in a sleepy daze.  As the casualty count climbed, like most normal people, I experienced more rage than pity.  The next morning’s edition of Radio Free Delmarva confirmed what normal people think.  The muslim agenda is to dominate and conquer.  Period.

I’ll not mince words: What passes, and poorly, for American leadership is functioning in favor of the mohammedan agenda. Either the president and his friends are living in a simplistic, make-believe world informed by the words of Western civilization’s mortal, existential enemy, or they are doing what they can to aid and abet that enemy.

Leftists are still focused on the ridiculous and specious notion that, because not all terrorists are Muslims, we must admit large numbers of them into our nation.  The insanity and rank idiocy of this ‘argument’ is utterly mind-boggling.  All must understand that the central, defining command of mohammedanism is to destroy all other religious faiths through conversion or death.  Only Islam uses violence in proselytization today, as it has done since the late 7th century.  In fact, there have been but 100 years since the death of their religion’s founder that they have not been waging war to impose their faith on others.  The Crusades were a defensive effort, but modern Westerners are taught that they were just another item in a long, unending stream of racist, bigoted actions against innocent people who weren’t bothering anybody.  Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

But, hey, we’re talking about liberals, right?

All Americans must ask themselves if they are willing to accept continuous terrorism in our own country, while D.C. restricts our freedoms in the name of “fighting terror,”  and rolls out the welcome mat for thousands of people whose culture could not be more different from, or hostile to, our own.  But, now, a few governors are standing up to Obama and the liberal Washington establishment and refusing to accept jihadists-to-be in their states. Good for them.  Their logic is unassailable: if 100% of potential terrorists are kept out, their numbers cannot grow and the excluded can’t act against America.  Verily, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.  If only 1 out of 1,000 are terrorists, that’s still many too many.

Our Constitution, the greatest governing document in human history, does not confer an absolute right upon any foreigner to come to our shores and live here among us.  The Congress has the absolute power to control immigration, something it has not done lately, and there’s the fifth branch of government (Or is it the fifth column?), the press, extolling the virtues of admitting unlimited numbers of aliens to America.  Emma Lazarus’ words on the Statue of Liberty, a French gift to America, comprise a poem, not a policy.

One might note that Geraldo Rivera’s instant conversion on the way to deal with isis could be cause for optimism.  But, don’t get all hot-and-bothered…he’ll come to his liberal ‘senses’ as soon as he and his daughter return to the States.  After all, he’s a leftist and just can’t help himself.

Is there a modern-day Charles Martel somewhere in France?  I doubt it; the last decent French army died at Waterloo.  But even if Hollande, after dropping a few bombs on Raqqa, wimps out and reverts to tolerating French “no-go” regions, and then decides that a strongly-worded letter to the U.N. is his best option, it’ll still be more than our own president is doing.

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Although educated at the Wm. Penn Charter School in Philadelphia and the prestigious S.I.Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse U., I've been a conservative Republican since the age of 5 or 6. I advocate for G.O.P. values and traditional American culture tirelessly. I've worked in broadcast since 1972 and logged over 5,000hrs. flying light helicopters reporting traffic in East Coast medium- and large-markets. Remember this: Only ONE THING is learned from history. NOTHING is learned from history.