Two Arrested by OCPD for Assault, Theft & Weapons Offenses


Image courtesy OCPD

Ocean City Police were called to the Comfort Inn and Denny’s around 6 Monday morning for a report of a fight in progress.  Police say two men were fighting – one had a knife.  The man with the knife dropped it and ran towards his room as police arrived.  He was identified as 31 year old Alfred Flowers of Greenbelt, but refused to leave his room.  Police evacuated the 5th floor of the hotel as a precaution and Flowers and another man, 31 year old Semere Habte of Virginia, were arrested.  Police also learned that both men were suspects in the theft of a cell phone from another Denny’s location that morning.  Flowers is charged with assault and weapons offenses.  Habte is charged with theft.