Two Felton People Arrested In Harrington


Two Felton residents were arrested by Harrington Police Thursday after police determined they were wanted. 45-year-old Michael Workman and 24-year-old Jessica Cane had their car parked in the Midway Shopping Center when police approached it. No one was inside, so police waited for the pair to come out. The two wouldn’t stop for police, and refused to get out their car or roll the window down. An officer had to use his baton to break the window. Workman tried to put the car in drive and leave the scene, but police were able to get him out of the car after they used tasers. Police were able to get the 7-year-old child out of the car unharmed. Workman was wanted by the Delaware State Police in Kent County and Cane was wanted in Harrington. The two were arrested, and Workman was charged with reckless endangering and endangering a child on top of his previous charges and is being held on $12,500 secured bail and $10,000 cash bail. Cane didn’t get any additional charges.