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WGMD Fishing Report 8-13-18


John Burbage III of Ocean View, DE caught this 79.4lb and 48 1/2 inch long cobia while fishing 2 miles off the cost of Bethany Beach, DE on Friday. John said that he snagged some live bunker then cast into the school of bunker and retrieved the line in quickly to catch this monster of a fish.

Monday was another good weather day and we heard of some decent fishing in the bay and ocean.

Cobia are quickly becoming a primary target for Delaware anglers.  Right now the state does not have a cobia plan, but one is under development and none too soon.

On Monday morning I received an email from my friend Jeff Waxman.  It seems he along with Pat Petrera and Steve Redden went out on Sunday afternoon in Pat’s 31-Bertram the Priceless looking for cobia.  The found 25 of them swimming on the surface and managed to catch three.  Two were taken on bucktails and one ate an eel.  Then I received an email from Hook ,em and Cook ‘em telling me about John Burbage III who fished two miles off of Bethany Beach where he snagged a menhaden and fed it to a 79.4-pound cobia.  That is one big cobia no matter where you fish.

Three cobia hooked n caught..all on light spinning rods…10 lb class. Two caught on my iconic Cape Fear spinner! Team worked great…Pat, Steve Redden and Jeff Waxman. Caught two on bucktails n one on eel. Once gaffed and in the boat, the real fight begins…boating a big cobia starts a heavyweight slugfest! All caught within six miles off Indian River not half mile off beach.

Flounder fishing remains good in the ocean at the Old Grounds and there seem to be a lot of croaker in Delaware Bay.  Kings are the best bet for surf fishermen.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.








GOP AG Candidate Drops Out of Race


Republican candidate for Attorney General, Peggy Marshall Thomas, is withdrawing from the race for personal reason. The News Journal reports that members of her campaign contacted state GOP officials that she was leaving the race. While that will leave no Republican candidate for the AG’s office, the party could nominate a replacement candidate but they only have until September 4th, according to the state’s election calendar. However Thomas has to notify state election officials of her intent to withdraw and her name removed from the ballot, before that can happen.


New Executive Director Named for Rehoboth Main Street

Image: Carolyn Watson Photography

Image: Carolyn Watson Photography

Rehoboth Main Street has a new director. Karen Falk has been named the Executive Director of Rehoboth Main Street – she is a former Executive Director of Southern Delaware Tourism and former small business owner. She has a huge understanding of business and government relations in Rehoboth – and throughout Delaware. She hopes to use the National Main Street Center’s work scope for the betterment of the City of Rehoboth Beach.


Rehoboth Beach Man Charged with Burglary

Image courtesy DSP

A Rehoboth Beach man has been arrested for a burglary at the Edgewater Estates development Saturday night. Delaware State Police were called to Lighthouse Drive just after 6:30 for a report of a man breaking into a residence. Police learned that the suspect, identified as 26 year old Alan Stoltzfus, left the scene on a bicycle. Stoltzfus was spotted and stopped and struggled with the officers – kicking one of them before he was secured. Police learned Stoltzfus forced his way into an enclosed rear patio, then broke a glass door window to get into the house, but left the scene before going inside. Stoltzfus is charged with 2nd degree burglary and other offenses.


School Open Houses Set for Indian River Schools

courtesy IRSD

Schools in the Indian River School District will host a series of open houses during the months of August and September.

Open houses will allow students and parents to meet teachers and staff, view class lists and tour school buildings. A number of schools will host multiple sessions, with each session catering to a different grade level.

The 2018-2019 school year begins on Tuesday, September 4 for K-12 students. Preschool programs, including Project VILLAGE and TOTS, will begin on Monday, September 10.

The open house schedule is as follows:
Thursday, August 23
Indian River High School, New Student Orientation, 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 28
Selbyville Middle School, Grades 7-8, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Selbyville Middle School, Grade 6, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Georgetown Middle School, Grade 6, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Georgetown Middle School, Grades 7-8, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Millsboro Middle School, Grade 6, 5:30 p.m.
Millsboro Middle School, Grades 7-8, 7:00 p.m.
Georgetown Kindergarten Center, 5:00-6:15 p.m.
Indian River High School, All Grades, 6:30 p.m.
Sussex Central High School, All Grades, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
East Millsboro Elementary School, Grades 1-5 (New Students), 5:00 p.m.
East Millsboro Elementary School, Grades 1-5 (Returning Students), 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, August 29
Howard T. Ennis School, 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Phillip C. Showell Elementary School, Grades K-2, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Phillip C. Showell Elementary School, Grades 3-5, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
North Georgetown Elementary School, Grade 1, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
North Georgetown Elementary School, Grades 2-5, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
East Millsboro Elementary School, PreK and Kindergarten, 5:00 p.m.
Long Neck Elementary School, All Grades, 5:30 p.m.
Lord Baltimore Elementary School, PreK and Kindergarten, 5:30 p.m.
John M. Clayton Elementary School, New Student Orientation, 5:00 p.m.
John M. Clayton Elementary School, Returning Students, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Georgetown Elementary School, All Grades, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 5
Early Learning Center, 3:00-6:00 p.m.
Lord Baltimore Elementary School, Grades 1-2, 5:00 p.m.
Southern Delaware School of the Arts, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 12
Lord Baltimore Elementary School, Grades 3-5, 5:30 p.m.

For more information about open houses, please contact your child’s school.


UPDATED: 2nd DE Wildland Fire Crew Battling Copper Mountain Fire

Image courtesy DE Forest Service

Image courtesy DE State Forestry

UPDATED – 8-13-18 – Twenty wildland firefighters from Delaware are part of 137 personnel battling the Copper Mountain Fire, a 180-acre blaze located four miles east of Eastport, Idaho on the Canadian border.  Michael A. Valenti of Dover, Delaware’s state forester and crew boss, reports that “firefighters are working in rough terrain and completing very long hikes to and from the fire each day.” The crew is staying in the relatively primitive conditions of a spike camp near the incident and eating MRE’s (Meals Ready-to-Eat). A “spike camp” is a remote camp near a fire line that lacks the logistical support of a larger fire camp, such as catered meals and hot showers.

Image courtesy Inciweb

The Copper Mountain Fire is a lightning-caused blaze burning in timber that started on August 2. The fire is only 20% contained as of August 13 and is being managed by a Type 3 incident management team led by Rod Weeks. Firefighters are continuing line construction on both flanks of the fire and attempting to hold existing line. Fire officials are also coordinating with the British Columbia Wildfire Service on suppression efforts.

UPDATED – 8/7/18 – According to their Facebook page, Delaware’s wildfire crew has reportedly been assigned to the Copper Mountain Fire in northern Idaho, located on the Canadian border.

Inciweb says of the Copper Mountain Fire:  The Copper Mountain Fire is located on the US/Canadian border, 3-4 miles east of the Eastport border crossing, near Copper Lake, north of Copper Mountain. It was started by lightning 7/28/18. There are 10 smoke jumpers, a 20 person hot shot crew and three 20 person type 2 crews fighting the fire. It is on the US side of the border although some spotting has occurred on the Canadian side. The Canadians are helping with aviation.

Image courtesy DE Forest Service

Also, Delaware’s Type 6 engine is part of a strike team of five engines that was assigned on July 31st to the Ferguson Fire in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This fire is actively growing at 57,846 acres with 33% containment.


Image courtesy DE Forest Service

Another 20-person crew of Delaware wildland firefighters are heading west for two weeks.  This is an initial attack unit which will travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today and then on the Missoula, Montana on Sunday.  This is Delaware’s second crew to head west this year – the first crew was in the Colorado Rockies in early July.


Delaware Fellowship Awards Arrive at CAMP Rehoboth!

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

A new exhibition at CAMP Rehoboth celebrates the accomplishments of 17 Delaware artists each with their own unique artistic medium. These include choreograph, painting, writing, blacksmithing, sculpting, among others. Delaware’s Individual Artist Fellowships recognize artists for their outstanding quality of work and provide monetary awards. Individual Artist Fellows are publicly acknowledged and benefit from the additional exposure to their work. Four of the artists — Jack Clemons, Maribeth Fischer, Leah Beach and Robert Waters — come from Sussex County.

This year, work samples from 124 Delaware choreographers, composers, musicians, writers and visual artists were reviewed by out-of-state arts professionals, considering both demonstrated creativity and skill in their art form. Seventeen artists were selected for Fellowships and four Honorable Mentions.

The exhibition started its journey at the Biggs Museum of American Art in June. It will remain here at CAMP Rehoboth through August 26 and then it will travel to the Cab Calloway School of the Arts in September, thus reaching all three Delaware counties.

The Biggs Museum sent this show to CAMP Rehoboth once before. “I think that the selections that Leslie Sinclair made this year and the way that she has brought things together are especially good,” says Ryan Grover, curator at the Biggs Museum. “They look great in this space and I think the artists are really happy and I think it is a good use of this project.”

One of the four award winners from Sussex County is Fischer. “I am a writer and I love to write and getting this award just keeps me writing,” says Fischer, who writes about serious non-fiction subjects ranging from grief to sorrow and similar issues. But now she has been focusing on writing about happiness and small ordinary moments in everyday life. Happiness, she points out, is not something that most writers write about. “Because what’s the story? There is no story to happiness. There’s no drama,” she observes. “So it’s been a challenge.” Fischer also runs the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild.

Ellen Durkan, from Wilmington, is a blacksmith who usually works with steel and copper. She creates forged fashion and runway performance pieces. Next month she will do a full runway show at The Delaware Contemporary. “I started working in metal when I was in grad school and then I just kind of kept going. Now it’s this!” She says she makes her works more for performance than to sell. “I just make the pieces that I want to make, and I want to present them the way I see them,” she adds.

Beach, another Sussex County artist and co-founder of the Dewey Artist Collaboration, is a photographer. Her thought-provoking works on exhibit come from her Global Dementia Project. “I am on a journey to tell the story of global dementia from all corners of the globe,” she explains. “I’m here to change the global perspective of dementia through my lense… I am here to show the world that dementia is everywhere… From the most rural areas, to urban cities, to people in your community.” Her photographs have been used as presentation aids for the World Health Organization, as well as marketing resources for many international dementia organizations.

Lauren Peters from Wilmington, poses in front of her self portrait. “I have been painting self portraits for a few years,” Peters says. “I put on different wigs and costumes to somewhat change my appearance,” she explains. She paints herself only in oils and has been painting only for the past three or four years.

Visit this special exhibition in person this month at CAMP Rehoboth and see the Delaware Division of the Arts website for details on all of the artists.

Appearing in the group photo are Leslie Sinclair, Ryan Grover, Thomas Del Porte, Lauren Peters, Jack Clemons, Paul Weagraff, Maribeth Fischer, Jen Epler and Rob Waters.

Photo courtesy Leslie Sinclair


Bicycle Injuries Appear to Be Down Compared with This Time Last Year

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

A 24-year-old female foreign exchange student was struck by a Subaru Forester while riding this DelDOT bicycle on Coastal Highway at Holland Glade Road around 5:45 p.m. last Tuesday. She was reportedly struck in the intersection as the Subaru made a low-speed turn. She was taken to Beebe Hospital with a cut to the head. According to MCpl. Melissa Jaffe, state police spokeswoman, no charges were filed against the 18-year-old male driver of the Subaru from Baltimore.

Another foreign student bicyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver around 8:30 p.m. this past Thursday at the HAWK crossing near this same intersection. According to MCpl. Michael Austin, the 21-year-old woman was utilizing the pedestrian crosswalk and signal while walking her bicycle across northbound Coastal Highway. A dark-colored Jeep Cherokee was headed north on Coastal Highway and failed to yield to the pedestrian, striking the rear tire of the bicycle, which in turn knocked her to the ground. The Jeep then fled with no further description being obtained. The woman suffered scrapes to her lower body but declined an ambulance.

Fortunately, according to data provided by Beebe Hospital’s Patricia Matsko, bicycle accidents are down in the Cape region compared with this date last year. She provides these totals for the last three years:

2016 (Jan 1st – August 8th): 69 bicycle-related injuries

2017 (Jan 1st – August 8th): 102 bicycle-related injuries

2018 (Jan 1st – August 9th): 70 bicycle-related injuries

With regard to the injuries so far this year, Matsko noted that bicyclists wore no helmet in 22 of the accidents, 31 wore a helmet and in 17 other accidents it was unknown if a helmet was in use.

Matsko also added that when it comes to location, most bicycle accidents, 40, happened on the street this year. Four others occurred on a trail, six at “other” locations and the remaining 20 were undetermined.

Sussex County has had two fatal bike accidents so far this year, one in the Milton area and the other in Ocean View. Hopefully as more bicyclists take to the road, recent improvements will keep them safer.

One of the contributing factors in reducing the number of accidents in this area, says John Fiori, DelDOT bicycle coordinator, has been the completion of the Coastal Highway pedestrian improvement project from Nassau to the Rehoboth Canal. This project, he points out, “filled in the gaps” by installing sidewalks to make a continuous network from Nassau to the canal.

When this project was completed, he says, it provided an option for bicyclists to use the bike lane or the sidewalk. “Typically the experienced bicyclists will use the bike lane while the casual rider feels comfortable on the sidewalk,” he says, noting that the rules of the road are different for each.

He also credits recent amendments to the current bicycle laws, specifically last year’s Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act, for helping improve the state roadways for bicyclists.

The International Student Outreach Program conducts orientations to the J1 students that include a bicycle safety component, Fiori points out. The bikes with the blue and white DelDOT sticker are only loaned to the J1 students who complete the safety orientation.

Maryanne Kauffman, International Student Outreach Program director, says her husband, Bruce, helped prepare 170 bikes this summer to loan to foreign students. She says 158 students who requested bikes and took the safety class have received the DelDOT bikes. Next summer they plan to loan out 200 bikes. “Obviously the program would not exist without the tremendous support of the community,” she points out. They stress safety and track bicycle accidents.

Here are the Kauffmans at St. Edmond Catholic Church in downtown Rehoboth Beach during a bike safety checkpoint. They were joined with the Sussex Cyclists and DelDOT personnel installing lights on bicycles, distributing helmets and biking literature, while making minor bike repairs. Experts credit these projects for helping reduce bicycle-related accidents.

“By having support beginning with the Governor, the legislators, various state agencies (DelDOT, state police, highway safety) and the Delaware Bicycle Council, my vision is to reduce and possibly eliminate bicycle injuries and fatalities along Delaware roads and in order for this to occur, motorists and bicyclists should be aware of the current bicycle laws, stay alert and be patient with each other using the roads,” Fiori adds.


WGMD Fishing Report 8-12-18


Larry Weldin caught these two flounder on Saturday fishing the Calmmer Wreck out of Indian River Inlet.

Sunday saw good weather inshore and fishing was decent.

Larry Weldin had two niece flounder off of the Calmmer Wreck out of Indian River Inlet.

Amanda at Lewes Harbour Marina said George Packard fishing in the Baltimore Canyon on the Bodacious caught a 28.6-pound dolphin on a pink skirted ballyhoo.

At Rick’s Bait and Tackle they told us about Eric Schwar’s 54-pound wahoo caught at Massey’s Canyon aboard the Reel Issue. Chris Albright fished the ZOld Grounds for his 7.2-pound flounder.  Kathy Miller had a 4.2-pound flounder at B Buoy while fishing on the Living Larger.

Eastern Marine said Charles Ewing had five rockfish between 18 and 26 inches while soaking bloodworms at the Phoenix Wreck in the Delaware River.

Old Inlet told us surf fishing for kings has improved.  Reah Wallace caught a 1.15 pounder along with several smaller fish at Conquest Road.  Another customer had a good number of kings at Fenwick Island using long strips of mullet.

The head Boat Angler caught 300 croaker on Saturday.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.


Rehoboth Officials, Visitors Still Struggle with Tent/Canopy Rules

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

Now in its second year of enforcement, Rehoboth Beach visitors and often police and lifeguards struggle to explain the city’s tent and canopy rules to visitors. In their first two hours on the beach this past Saturday, Rehoboth Beach Patrol lifeguards directed about 20 visitors to take down their tents/canopies.

Omar Jones, the man wearing the blue shorts, says he came to Rehoboth for the day with his pregnant wife. He said they had purchased the tent at a Target in Philadelphia where he was assured that the tent was adjustable to fit the dimensions now specified by several local jurisdictions. But he was confronted by a lifeguard who eventually called for police around noon. He nearly received a $25 citation but was cooperative and calmly explained the situation to police.

Jones said he felt targeted because he was just a few feet from a beach visitor who had the slightly smaller Super-Brella, which has a center pole and can convert into a traditional umbrella “if there are any complaints.” But his adjustable tent, which he said can be made even smaller, was unacceptable.

He also mentioned to police that elsewhere on the beach there were a handful of tents and canopies that were standing. The police said they would go after those people next, which they did, but he wondered why he was singled out first.

After about 20 minutes of discussion with police, Jones gave up and rented two Catts umbrellas for $20.

In response to Jones’ comments, City Manager Sharon Lynn said Sunday that “In order to continue the city’s overall response to visitors in our welcoming, friendly and inviting nature I am re-visiting the training piece of the tent ordinance. I believe the beach patrol and seasonal officers need additional training specifically related to the new ordinance as their actions have been too discretionary and not necessarily uniform regarding the intent of the ordinance. Due to the lateness of the season, training will commence this week however I will institute a more rigorous and defined training program prior to the start of the season in 2019.”

“Considering that this season is only the second one since the enactment of the ordinance last year,” she points out, “it is important that all
staff are on the same page regarding the intent and especially enforcement to the same degree. It is very important to me that all families are treated with respect and equanimity.”

Beach visitors who have questions or complaints regarding umbrellas, tents or canopies can call the city manager’s office at (302) 227-6181 for assistance.


UPDATED: DSP Investigating Fatal Crash East of Laurel

Emergency Vehicle at Night © Copyright Barbol/Shutterstock
Emergency Vehicle at Night © Copyright Barbol/Shutterstock

UPDATED Monday, 11:10am – The Delaware State Police have identified the driver in the crash Sunday morning east of Laurel as 18 year old Miranda A. Daugherty. She was the driver of a Kia Optima who was killed in a single vehicle crash with a tree that occurred just before 3 Sunday morning on Fire Tower Road just north of Route 9.


UPDATED – 9:45am – An 18 year old Laurel woman is dead after a crash just before 3 this morning on Fire Tower Road east of Laurel.  Delaware State Police say the teen was apparently speeding and went wide in a curve, over-corrected and began to spin off the roadway into a tree.  Police say the victim was not properly restrained and was pronounced dead at the scene.  Identification is pending the notification of the next of kin.


Delaware State Police are investigating a deadly crash just before 3 this morning on Fire Tower Road between Discount Land Road and Route 9 east of Laurel.  County Paramedic and Laurel EMS officials on the scene say a single vehicle crashed into a tree and State Police report there was a death in the crash.  The roadway was closed for about 3 ½ hours – and reopened after 6:30 this morning.  WGMD will have more as it becomes available.


WGMD Fishing Report 8-11-18


Brian Holland, Jr. of Limerick, PA, caught this 3.6lb flounder while using squid and minnows in Massey’s Ditch. Brothers Brock and Braden were skunked but they were still happy for him.

Wrapping up the White Marlin Open, the tie breaker between the Under Dog and the Welder’s Arc was the Under Dog gaffed their fish and the Welder’s Arc did not.  The difference was only $2,454,476.  The Delaware boat Fin Nominal took first place for their 50-pound dolphin caught by Louis Genello and won $19,646.  The Canyon Hunter, also out of Indian River, came in third in the Wahoo Division with a 55 pounder caught by Charles Dawson and worth $21,471.

Meanwhile, back in Delaware, Amanda at Lewes Harbour Marina told us Jack Hendrick caught a 2.25-pound porgy and Ginger had a 2.42-pound triggerfish while fishing over bay structure with Rick Mills.  The FOMO fished on Site 8 on Friday and caught flounder to 3.47 pounds.  The Miss Kirstin had flounder during an afternoon trip on Friday.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.       




SATURDAY 9PM:  The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning that affects the following WGMD locations:

Sussex County,DE


The National Weather Service in Mount Holly NJ has issued a

* Flash Flood Warning for…
Sussex County in southern Delaware…

* Until midnight EDT.

* At 855 PM EDT, Doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing
heavy rain in northern Sussex County.  The rate of rainfall…one
to two inches per hour…will cause flash flooding within the
heavier rainbands as the storms move southeast through the county.

* Some locations that could experience flooding include…
Dover, Georgetown, Milford, Seaford, Millsboro, Laurel, Lewes,
Milton, Selbyville, Bridgeville, Delmar, Dagsboro, Millville,
Ellendale, Bowers, Henlopen Acres, Gumboro, Cape Henlopen State
Park, Sycamore and Big Stone Beach.


Turn around…don’t drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood
deaths occur in vehicles.

Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the
dangers of flooding.

Richard Byrne & Pat Coluzzi Win Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Race!

Winners of the 2018 Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Race. Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

Pat Coluzzi and Dick Byrne, winners of the 2018 Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Race. Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

The polls closed at 6 p.m. today in Rehoboth Beach.  Richard Byrne and Pat Coluzzi won the two soon-to-be-open commissioner seats.

2018 campaign signs for commissioner candidates Richard Byrne, Pat Coluzzi and Gary Glass. Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney.

Here are the 2018 election totals:

Registered voters for 2018: 1535
Number of voters: 706
Number of absentee voters: 307
Total voters: 1013
Voter turnout:  66%

Richard Byrne, Patricia Coluzzi and Gary Glass were candidates for the 2018 municipal election. Photos courtesy the candidates.

Two seats for commissioner:
Richard A. Byrne # of votes: 660
Patricia A. Coluzzi # of votes: 583
Gary A. Glass # of votes: 515

The winners will be sworn into office on Friday, September 21, 2018, at the regular commissioners meeting before they begin to serve three-year terms.


MSP Charge 2 NY Men After Traffic Stop


A traffic stop in Somerset County Saturday led to the arrest of two New York men.  Maryland State Police say a K-9 scan of their car showed a positive alert and a search of 27 year old Luke Keough turned up cocaine and drug paraphernalia.  A search of 66 year old Marc Schwartz turned up 112 cartons of untaxed cigarettes and a large amount of cash.  Schwartz was released on a criminal citation.  Keough was released on his own recognizance.


DSP Collecting School Supply Donations


School will be starting soon and the Delaware State Police Community Outreach Unit is collecting supplies to help fill children’s backpacks.  Donation boxes are located in the lobby at each troop – and donations will be collected through August 31 and presented for the school year before the start of school.

No. 2 pencils
Spiral notebooks
Large pink erasers
Pencil cases
Hand sanitizer
Washable markers
Loose leaf wide-ruled paper
Composition books
3-ring binders
Plastic folders with pockets
Tissue boxes
Washable Crayola Crayons – box of 24

WGMD Radio Flea Market 8-11-18

Image WGMD

Chuck – Georgetown 302-682-9892
– Black & Decker belt sander, older, but works well, powerful – $20
– Skill Power Drill – $10
– Cabela’s GoreTex size 9, new – $40

Ron – Lewes 609-790-4370
– RoadMaster Sterling hitch, wired – $500.
– Used to tow car behind camper, 10,000-Lb rated.
– Man’s Trek bicycle, 26″ – $150

Betty – Millsboro 443-962-0412
– 20′ Marathon fiberglass boat, Chevrolet 140hp motor & trailer, inboard/outboard – $1,000. obo

John – Millsboro 302-396-1734c
– 16-pc place setting holiday china by Lenox – in a Lenox Holiday pattern, including serving china and flatware – $1,500
Adam – Seaford 302-245-0974
– 1991 Explorer Eddie Bauer 140,000 miles runs, transmisson excellent, a/c doesn’t work, but good otherwise – $500
– 2000 Impala, grey/silver 195,000. needs some tlc, but runs, needs battery – Clear titles – $500.

Rick – Lewes 302-827-4389
– International Harvester cadet tractor, 1970 42″ mower deck, 4′ snow plough, tire chains, 1/2 yard h.d. dump trailer, 18″ wheels – $800. obo

International Harvester cadet tractor, 1970 42″ mower deck, 4′ snow plough, tire chains, 1/2 yard h.d. dump trailer, 18″ wheels

John – Georgetown 302-519-2685
– Tree ladder stand 20′ & safety harness – $75
– Coleman lanterns & heater all < $10 and cases
– Nordic eliptical machine – $60 obo.
– Antique Woolrich pre 1939 hunting suit – $100.

Steve – Millsboro 302-448-0080
– Kenmore dryer, electric, 10-yrs old, new bearing, heater element and new belt – $125 obo.

Kenmore dryer, electric, 10-yrs old, new bearing, heater element and new belt


UPDATED: Police Arrest Millsboro Man who Abandoned Child During Traffic Stop

Image courtesy DSP

Image courtesy DSP

UPDATED – 8-11-18 – A Millsboro man has been charged with multiple drug and traffic offenses after a July traffic stop when he ran from police – and abandoned his 9 year old child.  When police recovered 28 year old Steven Verley’s vehicle – they found not only his child – but an assortment of drugs and paraphernalia.  Warrants were issued for Verley on Friday – he turned himself in at Troop 5.


Delaware State Police spotted a vehicle making an illegal turn in the Seaford area.  A traffic stop was made and when Troopers contacted the driver, they smelled marijuana coming from inside the car.  Police also spotted a child in the front passenger seat and asked the driver, 28 year old Steven Verley of Millsboro, to get out of the car.  Instead he drove off with police in pursuit.  However Verley was driving aggressively at a high rate of speed so police ended their chase.  Seaford Police later saw Verley walking with his son, but when Verley spotted the officer he left his son and ran into a wooded lot.  Police took custody of the child – police are still looking for Verley.  His car was found abandoned and police seized marijuana, crack cocaine, 2 oxycodone pills and drug paraphernalia and a prescription bottle with 1 oxycodone and 42 Percocet pills not prescribed to Verley.   Police have warrants for Verley for a variety of drug and traffic offenses and 2 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.


Ocean City Police Join the #LipSyncBattle

Image courtesy OCPD


DSP Arrest Georgetown Man on 6th Offense DUI

Image courtesy DSP

Image courtesy DSP

A Georgetown man has been arrested after he was stopped Friday night just before 11 for a traffic violation on Coverdale Road in Bridgeville.  Troopers detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car and began a DUI investigation.  Police found 51 year old Salomon Morales had 5 prior DUI convictions.  He was charged with his 6th offense DUI, driving while suspended and other offenses.


UPDATED: 45th Annual White Marlin Open A Record Breaker!


UPDATED – 8-11-18 – The 45th White Marlin Open ended with a close finish with two white marlins weighing in at 83 pounds to take first and second place.  Pascual Jimenez from Mexico takes home $2.58-million after he brought in his marlin on the last day of the event.  (The rules state that if there is a tie, the fish that is not gaffed is the winner of the two. Jimenez’s fish was not gaffed and the other one was.)

There were two world records set during the open – the $2.58-million payout is the most ever awarded for the catch of a billfish and the $5.45-million purse was the most ever paid in any fishing tournament.  Just one blue marlin was brought in during the event – Joe Rahman of Wanaque, NJ landed an 881-pound blue on Monday aboard the Auspicious, which was not challenged all week.  382 boats registered for the tournament.


This year’s 45th Annual White Marlin Open began with sunny skies and a new tuna winner take all entry level – T4 – which makes a million-dollar tuna a possibility this year!   There are 382 boats registered for this year’s open and for 319 of them, the first day of fishing is now over (at 3:30pm) and the Marlin cam will be watching for the winners at the Harbor Island Marina dock in Ocean City as they weigh-in.  With millions in prize money on the line, tournament officials will continue the use of lie detector tests to ensure all winners play by the rules.

Two years ago, the big winner was disqualified when he failed the polygraph test.  That resulted in a court case and an interpleader action was filed by the WMO asking the Court to determine if the White Marlin Open acted appropriately in withholding the winnings.  The interpleader put the lie detector policy on trial – and the Court did find in favor of the WMO’s actions.


WGMD Fishing Report 8-10-18


Friday was the final day of the White Marlin Open and once again I was a guest aboard the Toast with Captain Brian Ciscoski and owner Ron Martin.

We were away from the dock at 4:30 AM and in the area of the Washington Canyon by 8:00.  Lines went in at 8:30, but unlike Tuesday we didn’t get the first white marlin until later in the morning.  We ended the day with three white marlin releases to finish 24th with 490 points.

Meanwhile back at the weigh in the Weldor’s Ark with angler Pasqual Jimenez brought in an 83-pound white marlin to tie with the Under Dog, but I suppose the Weldor’s Ark must have been in more levels because they were awarded the top prize of $2,584,260.  The Under Dog won $129,784 and third place went to Lights Out with Bill Haugland and was worth $85,804.

The Auspicious won $924,936 in the Blue Marlin Category with their 881 pounder

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.       


DSP Arrest 1 Juvenile – Looking for a Second for Drug Offenses


An argument between two cousins Thursday resulted in a dent kicked in a car.  Delaware State Police were looking for a 17 year old Selbyville boy in the Bridgeville area and found him in a car with a 16 year old boy from Bridgeville.  As the Trooper contacted the teens – they smelled marijuana and asked both to get out of the car.  Police found the 17 year old in possession of crack cocaine – he ran off on foot – and has not been found.  The 16 year old faces multiple drug offenses and has been released to a guardian on an over $102,000 unsecured bond.  Police have warrants for the 17 year old for a variety of offenses.


Selbyville Area Residence Closed by DOJ as Criminal Nuisance

Image courtesy DE DOJ

A residence on Washington Avenue near Selbyville has been closed by the Delaware Department of Justice and deemed a criminal nuisance property.  The property has been the site of multiple drug crimes and police calls since 2014, but now it has been boarded up and the three tenants evicted.  By court order, the property owner is to ensure no illicit activity occurs on the property and is prohibited from renting the property to anyone with  a felony drug dealing conviction.


DelDOT Opens South Frederica Overpass at Route 1

Ribbon cutting for the new South Frederica Overpass / Image courtesy DelDOT

Ribbon cutting for the new South Frederica Overpass /
Image courtesy DelDOT

It’s been a work in progress since March of 2016, but now the south Frederica Grade-Separated Intersection is a reality.  Governor John Carney, state and local officials cut the ribbon on the $26-million project Friday.  The project realigns Tub Mill Pond, Milford Neck and Frederica Roads with an overpass over Route 1 and ramps to access the highway.  While this new road alignment will be safer for people trying to cross busy Route 1 – it will also provide easier and safer access to and from the Delaware Turf Sports Complex just north of the new overpass.