WGMD Fishing Report 11-20-17


With gale force winds flying all day Sunday fishing was not high on anyone’s list.

At Old Inlet Bait and Tackle, Jack told me a few diehard tog fishermen were there early in the morning to buy green crabs and sand fleas.  When we spoke in early afternoon no one had come back with a good fishing report.

The only good reports I have had are from Dan’s Tackle and Smith’s Tackle.  Both shops said white perch fishing has been good in the tidal creeks and rivers.  Both the Broadkill and the Leipsic rivers were mentioned.  The best bait right now is bloodworms.

Small rockfish have also been caught in the same areas on the same baits.  Keeper rockfish are scarcer than hen’s teeth.  A few have been caught on bloodworms and cut bunker.  As of Saturday, the main body of the migratory stock was still off the New Jersey coast.

On Saturday no one fished more than three miles off the beach.  In spite of not reaching the more productive wrecks and reefs in deeper water, good numbers of tog were taken on sand fleas and green crabs.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.