WGMD Fishing Report 11-25-17


Friday saw some decent weather and tog and sea bass were caught from the ocean and bay.

The surf has been pretty quiet since the big blues departed in late spring.  This will change if the big rockfish show up along the beach.

Surf fishing in cold weather is a bit more of a challenge than during the warm days of spring and summer.  You will need a set of waders.  Deck boots or any other short boot will only end up under water leaving you with wet and cold feet.

This is going to be eight and bait fishing in some rough surf.  If you have mono line on your reels shoot the lock off of your wallet and put at least 300 yards of good 30 to 60-pound braid on the spool.  Top that off with a 50-pound mono shock leader that reaches the reel on the outside and takes three or four wraps around the spool.

I use a single hook fish-finder rig.  The leader is 80-pound mono about six to eight inches long tied to an 8/0 circle hook.  When a fish picks up the bunker bait he will not feel the weight and when the line comes tight he’s on.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.