WGMD Fishing Report 12-10-17


It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out fishing participation was pretty low on Saturday.

I did talk to Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina who brought me up to speed on the 43.5-pound rockfish brought in on Friday.  Bob Fitzwater caught the first place fish off the coast of New Jersey on a Stretch plug.  This does give us hope that the big rockfish are still to our north and could pass close enough to Delaware to give us a shot.  Unfortunately, it looks like early next week before we get a weather window that will allow boats to look for those fish.

In this Holiday Season if you are shopping for fishing equipment please consider your local tackle shop.  They have so much more to offer than the big box stores and this includes service after the sale.  They are very helpful to those with little fishing knowledge buying for a serious angler.  The folks at the tackle shop know what type of tackle has been successful on local waters and they can tell the difference between spinning, conventional and fly fishing equipment.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.