WGMD Fishing Report 12-28-17


Thursday saw temperatures in the teens and no one went fishing.

As winter moves along you may get the desire to fish and yet going out of Delaware for tog does not appeal to you.  One option that is a bit cheaper than a trip to Panama or even the Keys is a day on a head boat out of New Jersey.  These boats sail every day the weather allows from Belmar, Brielle or Point Pleasant.  Depending on the season and which boat you choose expect to catch cod, ling, winter flounder, pollock and big bluefish.  There will be special trips to deep water wrecks where big cod and pollock dwell.

The cost for inshore trips will run somewhere around $100 plus tip.  Most mates will clean your fish on the way in for no or little charge.  Long range trips can run north of $300 and usually depart in the evening, arrive on the fishing grounds in the morning, fish all day then get back to the dock the following morning.

The travel time from Delaware to either of these ports is right around three hours.  There are numerous motels in the area should you decide to spend the night.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.