WGMD Fishing Report 12-7-17


Small craft advisories flew on Wednesday keeping boats at the dock.

The big question is will the rockfish still be there once the wind dies down?  I wish I knew the answer.

The last reports on Monday put the stripers on Overfalls Shoal and two miles off of Rehoboth.  There is quite a bit of water between those two places so I would not say we have their location pinned down.

With this situation trolling is the best technique.  Lewes boats will probably begin at the Eights or the Valley and move towards Overfalls Shoal.  Those who run out of Indian River can begin trolling as soon as they leave the inlet.  I would pull Stretch 25s or 30s, MOJOs and big Crippled Alewives or Drone spoons.  Troll as slow as your boat can go.  Some may have to kick the engine in and out of gear or shut down one engine to maintain the proper speed.  Plugs should not spin and jump out of the water.  If you have bunker spoons and know how to use them, now is the time.

Cold weather makes for a very dangerous ocean so please wear your PFDs.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD fishing report.