WGMD Fishing Report 8-6-17


Billy and Missi Santanna of Hershey, PA caught this keeper black sea bass, and flounder while on the afternoon trip on the Judy V. They were fishing with Capt. Chris Adams and out at the Old Grounds.

It was another rough Saturday for those who wanted to fish the ocean, but if the current forecast holds, Sunday could be a better day.

At Rick’s Bait and Tackle on Long Neck they recorded a 3.5-pound flounder for 10-year-old Michael Brelick.  He caught his fish out of Indian River Inlet.  They also reported that a lot of small croaker showed up in the Back Bays.  Few, if any, meet the eight-inch minimum size, but it is good to know some are around.

At Hook ‘em and Cook ‘em Bert said the rough ocean made fishing difficult and while the head boats had a few flounder, there is no doubt the lack of action was due to tough fishing conditions.  Two boats tried to fish offshore and returned with one tuna each after getting beat up all day.

Tommy at Lewes Harbour Marina said no one went out to the ocean on Saturday due to the rough conditions.  He did not see any fish on the cleaning table from the bay or surf.

The fishing pier saw one 19-inch flounder.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report