WGMD Fishing Report 8-8-17


Taylor and Don Maguire of Great Falls, VA fished on the Judy V. out of Indian River Marina and were lucky enough to bring back some dinner. Taylor caught a 17.5 inch flounder while dad caught a nice 4.9lb flounder.

Mother Nature hung out her No Fishing sign on Monday.  Small Craft Advisory flags few in the ocean and bay.  Unfortunately, Tuesday is not looking a whole lot better.

The exception has been the boats fishing the White Marlin Open out of Ocean City, Maryland.  Monday was the first day of the contest and 136 boats out of 353 registered did fish on Monday.  While five to six-foot seas might give pause to anglers fishing on smaller boats, those on the 50-foot and larger boats have no problem in that sort of weather.

With a total prize of 4.9 million dollars on the line and a rule that says in case of a tie the fish caught first wins, there is considerable incentive to get one on the board the first day.

If there was any concern about the cheating last year impacting the contest in 2017, they have been laid to rest.  With a record payout it doesn’t look like anyone is worried about the result of the 2016 tournament.

No marlin checked in on Monday, but a 64-pound yellowfin and a 55-pound wahoo top those categories.

This is Eric Burnley with your WGMD Fishing Report