Who’s next?


EVEN a casual observer of this season’s GOP contest must be wondering when Pataki, Graham, Christie, Santorum and Jindal plan to throw in the towel.  A couple of them have staked out valid positions and offer, at the very least, some valid rhetoric replete with healthy portions of red meat.

Make no mistake: the Republican voter is angry, and at least some of that anger is directed at the RNC.  Many feel betrayed, if not victimized, by a GOP/DC establishment that’s much less focused on delivering what Republican voters actually want than in maintaining their own wealth and comfort inside the beltway.

And that anger is justified. The establishment ran two hopelessly weak, if not downright craven, presidential candidates who were brushed aside by the socialist Obama and his Praetorian guard media. Discovering their error too late, the Beltway Republicans pled for control of the senate, which they were granted.  Neither the former Speaker, John Boehner, nor the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, seemed to be aware that they were in charge. Obama got whatever he wanted from the GOP-controlled Congress, just as he had from Pelosi and Reid.  It was obvious that GOP leaders, career pols all, were no longer Republicans (if they ever had been) but were now simply permanent members of congress, smugly wielding the self-delusion that compromise with Democrats was what the voters actually wanted.

Even now, as two outsiders lead every poll like Secretariat at the ’73 Belmont, the establishment is being dragged, kicking and screaming, into realizing that Jeb Bush is going nowhere with GOP primary voters.  And Marco Rubio, their ‘plan B’, is an open-borders liberal who, despite his deft wordsmithing, is rarely exciting to conservatives.

Kasich’s stammering Tuesday night, along with Bush’s empty and sanitized sleeping pill of a presentation, led many to wonder whether those two registered in the wrong party. Professional politicians are not now, nor have they ever been, able to solve any of the major problems they themselves created.  The fact that the lower-tier candidates believe they still have a chance says more about their own egos than it does about their grasp of reality.

Who’s next to see the writing on the wall (if not the torches and pitchforks)?  My guess is Pataki or Paul.  The junior sentor from the Commonwealth of Kentucky is a smart guy, but Rubio nailed him as a “committed isolationist.”  This policy wonk has no chance in the angry Ameirca of today, despite his libertarian talking points.   Pataki, who is literally unknown except to a few nostalgic New Yorkers, ought to pick Mas que nada as his campaign’s theme song.  Graham, quite obviously, has no actual grasp of reality, political or otherwise.  He clearly plans to stay in until February 20th, when he hopes that his status as a Palmetto State’s U.S. senator will keep him in the game.

Dream on, Lindsey.

Buoyed, no doubt, by the fond memories of his Iowa win in ’12, Rick Santorum is likely to hang in there until New Hampshire. Likewise Jindal, who has the clearest understanding of the invasion besetting America today.  Christie will stick with it until his first major loss…which could be in Iowa.  His brashness resonates with the “no nonsense” clique, but his appeal ends there.  Carly Fiorina is, clearly and obviously, a wicked-smart lady who can hold her own in any debate with anybody.  I’m glad she’s part of the race.  She’d actually make an excellent nominee against Hillary or any other socialist/Marxist the Democrat party might nominate.  Iowa will eliminate all but four candidates, and I suspect that Carly will be one of them.  I really like her and her future is actually very bright.

Unlike Gilmore, Huckabee will probably return to Fox News with a show or as a contributor.  The Reverend Governor has a good message, but not much appeal.  Gilmore’s message is unknown, his appeal non-existant.

I suspect that Iowa will eliminate all but the top five, The Donald, The Doctor, the two Cuban Senators and the Bush-leaguer.  In less than 90 days, we’ll know.

One will note the alacrity with which the media dropped the presidential campaign like a hot potato on Friday afternoon.  More on that very, very soon.



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Although educated at the Wm. Penn Charter School in Philadelphia and the prestigious S.I.Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse U., I've been a conservative Republican since the age of 5 or 6. I advocate for G.O.P. values and traditional American culture tirelessly. I've worked in broadcast since 1972 and logged over 5,000hrs. flying light helicopters reporting traffic in East Coast medium- and large-markets. Remember this: Only ONE THING is learned from history. NOTHING is learned from history.