You’re fired!


Monday night, the president dismissed the Acting U.S. Attorney General, one Sally Yates, Esq., because she refused to enforce his executive order concerning entry by possible terrorists into our country. One might suppose that, as an Obama holdover at Justice, her loyalties lie with potential terrorists who seek to enter America and carry out their religious mandate to convert or kill all infidels. But, as any career leftist will tell you, the absolute, inviolate rights of 7th-century, third-world middle-Easterners to set up shop in places like San Bernardino or Orlando occupy a much higher place in the hierarchy of basic, human civil rights than regular Americans’ right to not be shot to death. Cue Sen. Min. Ldr. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Min. Ldr. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to writhe in agony over this Executive Order, the most egregious human rights violation in the history of mankind, obviously dwarfing anything Hitler did.
The professional left, including, obviously, Ms. Yates, is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of foreigners who have never been to America, and don’t particularly like it. To show their outrage at this execrable injustice, a squad of open-minded Democrats beat the living daylights out of some poor slob at the Portland, OR airport who wore a Trump hat. Of course, their commitment to non-violence, peaceful conflict resolution and tolerance just had to take a back seat to their hatred of anybody who doesn’t share their views. You understand, I’m sure.
So it should come as no surprise that the person who was keeping Jeff Sessions’ seat warm at Justice, being an Obama appointee and all, realized that we, the American people, were not the important ones in this present dust-up; mohammedans calling themselves “refugees” were the constituency who really mattered, so she was going to let ‘em in, no matter what. Sorry; no fair. I’m sure the pink slip didn’t come from a White House surrogate, like Omarosa or Reince. I’m also sure that President Trump didn’t call her just to toss out his signature Apprentice line. But his statement wasn’t very entertaining, because one doesn’t use the word ‘betrayed’ for laughs. Rather, one uses it as a not-so-subtle reminder that there’s a new president at 1600 Pennsylvania, and, unlike virtually every other previous occupant, he’s doing what he said he would. And he did this so swiftly, and without reservation, he probably won’t have to do it again.
Which was the whole point to begin with.

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Although educated at the Wm. Penn Charter School in Philadelphia and the prestigious S.I.Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse U., I've been a conservative Republican since the age of 5 or 6. I advocate for G.O.P. values and traditional American culture tirelessly. I've worked in broadcast since 1972 and logged over 5,000hrs. flying light helicopters reporting traffic in East Coast medium- and large-markets. Remember this: Only ONE THING is learned from history. NOTHING is learned from history.