It was very upsetting


SEVERAL items were missing from last Saturday’s GOP convention, held outdoors on the Republican National Committeeman’s greensward; thankfully, mosquitoes were at the top of the M.I.A. list.

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Electoral college, pt. 2
Mattress Peddlers

FOR just over a century, collectivists/statists, calling themselves “progressives”, have been diligently working to expand government power while reducing individual liberties.  Huge, hulking bureaucratic government appeals to them because, as…

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The prevaricating industry

Baker Petroleum

Since we’re all Americans, we all believe that the First Amendment is central to our definition and identity as a nation and as a people.  Our Constitution is the only…

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Voting in, shooting out


SHORTLY after Barack Obama was elected president, Don Imus interviewed presidential historian Michael Beschloss, who gushed that the president-elect surely had the highest I.Q. of any man ever elected to…

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The Fifth Column

TO SAY the majority of the American national media operates with a liberal bias would be a major understatement. Having worked in the broadcast industry since 1972, I can tell…

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Equal is equal, and fair is fair

SILENCING opposing voices is a central tactic of the left; they can’t exist without active enforcement of their ideological bigotry, which they do in a variety of ways.  Obviously, their…

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On Roger Stone

AROUND LAST Labor Day, my friend Tyler Nixon, a former U.S. Army officer and University of Virginia-educated attorney, arranged for Roger Stone to come to WGMD and spend forty minutes…

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Feed that Buzz, boys and girls!

southern-states, as you’re certainly aware by now, is a minor website that has, from time to time, detonated hydrogen bombs that devastated the political planet.  They were the ones, you’ll…

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How much government we won’t miss

DESPITE widely-held yet still wrongful impressions of  ‘small-government conservatives’, we don’t want government employees to starve and lose their homes, cars or anything else, and we want the countless private…

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In the American hospital


People from all over the world envy me, you, and anybody who has access to American physicians, surgeons, medical specialists and healthcare facilities.  Our medicine and medical pros here in…

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It’s time to doff the gloves


RECONSTRUCTION-era “Black codes”, or Jim Crow laws, stopped American citizens from voting and exercising other Constitutional rights. Americans were prevented from using public restrooms or sleeping at certain hotels in…

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Now, it’s the right’s turn

Baker Petroleum

THOSE of us with views differing from the middle- to hard-left’s are rarely represented in education or mainstream media in America today.  Why?  Because people who make hiring decisions in…

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