Cheat by Mail



I wish I could tell you that I came up with that brilliant term for the Democrat party’s scheme to steal the election this November; I didn’t.  But that’s exactly what the dictatorial leftists plan to do, and “mail-in ballots” are just the latest ploy in their scheme to simply take power away from the people.

Their multi-faceted plan is almost fool-proof: “ballots” strewn all over the country are virtually impossible to verify once they arrive at state and county election headquarters; local poll officials and party checker/challengers, pressed into service opening the mailed-in ballots, are not graphologists and won’t recognize whose signature is legitimate.  Democrat states are infamous for refusing to purge their voter rolls, so the dead can still vote Democrat again and again and again, as usual…and by mail, nobody can possibly be the wiser.

But cheat-by-mail is only one of the facets of the Democrats’ frenetic efforts to deprive the nation of a Constitutionally-elected president.  Before he even took office, a corrupt FBI and DoJ literally spied on him and attempted to spin a false narrative involving salacious stories about Moscow hookers, based on a phony dossier that was paid for by Hillary’s campaign. That document was the basis for fraudulently-obtained FISA warrants which, in turn, led to an investigation by the vaunted Bobby Three Sticks (Robert Meuller III) and staffed by over a dozen Democrat lawyers.

Although the Special Counsel’s “report” was embarrassingly sterile, and many Americans felt sorry for the aged Meuller when he testified at the end of his “investigation”, the Democrats were determined to use the empty inquiry’s outcome as the basis for a phony impeachment spectacle that was destined to fail.  Afterwards, they felt no shame since their hatred for the president and the more than 60-million Americans who voted for him left no room for other emotions.

So two attempts to displace President Trump with coups d’état failed, but the socialist Democrats were undaunted.  They were going to reclaim their natural entitlement to rule over this country no matter what and they didn’t care what they had to do to get it back.

So, as the nation’s economy was repaired spectacularly by the first pure businessman to hold the presidency in almost nine decades, the Democrats were panicking over the prospect that Trump might be re-elected and that fence-sitting independent voters might observe the economic improvements to which he could rightly affix his name.

Nothing could possibly escape their grasp if it could even remotely be used as an anti-Trump cudgel.  The chinavirus was a deus ex machina opportunity: If the president banned flights from China, then organize a series of ‘racist’ chants (which they did, with Biden leading them).  If he didn’t, then call him incompetent (which they did, with Biden leading them).

The main pop-up prospect that Biden’s friends in the Forbidden City delivered up was national mail-in voting.  The virus was the excuse that Pelosi, Schumer and friends needed, and that excuse ushered in a whole raft of opportunities for the Mediacrat Party to let fly with their expert verbal prevarications.

There was Biden’s erstwhile antagonist, “Kid” Harris, pleading “Why won’t they let us vote?”, as if questioning the honesty of mail-in voting was, somehow, a return to Jim Crow, or worse.  Many people were as eager to sop up that nonsense as they were to believe that Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon.  Mediacrat Party talking heads gravely intoned that USPS mailboxes were being spirited away in the middle of the night, exclusively in minority neighborhoods, in a mass disenfranchisement so obvious that it defied every convention of human rights.

Then, on Monday night, Tucker Carlson revealed some startling facts from the Postal Service: Old post boxes are moved and replaced regularly; Trump had nothing to do with it; it was done on Obama’s watch, too, and it’s done based on the number of letters deposited in those boxes.

The murder of George Floyd was another opportunity which the Mediacrats could shamelessly exploit.  There was no excuse for it, of course; Minneapolis did the right thing by firing the four cops the next day, but why did they wait 3 more days before arresting Derek Chauvin and charging him with murder?  That enabled the justifiable anger of the black community there to fester and grow, which is certainly what happened.  Out of that self-destructive riot came a summer of riots, looting, arson, murder.  All in the name of social justice, of course.

The chinavirus seemed to be the icing on the cake that the Socialists had been baking since the summer of 2015 when Trump came down the escalator at and declared his candidacy.  Screaming and whining and kicking and bellowing, the meanest and most violent people in America will weep and cry about their victimhood while they diligently cheat America at the Post Office box and at the ballot box.  We see it coming; we know what they’re doing.  But will we stop them?