Interactive Radio

Delmarva Live will be coming to you live and harnessing the power of the internet to make you part of the show! Use the QR Code or link to register for the event. If you register by phone you will be able to ask questions and watch the show right from your phone. 

If you are using a computer, once you register you can go back to the link to ask questions, vote on questions, chat with others in the show, and watch the show.  

Those registering  to join the show get to choose the questions that get asked by voting on them.  This is an entirely new way of consuming radio.  In the making for years, this system is not being tested for the industry exclusively by the Talk of Delmarva.  

Easier registration and participation process!

You may ask questions as soon as you register!

Registration and participation can now be completed from the same site.  There is one site for mobile devices and one for computers.

If you want to join the show using your mobile phone, register using the Mobile QR Code.  Just point your phone's camera at the QR Code, a web address will pop up, click it and your browser should open and take you to the correct website.  If this is your first time using Mukana it will ask you to register.   After registration you will be taken to the mobile site or use the QR code in the middle.

If you want to use a computer to register and participate in the show use the Computer QR Code. While we provide a QR code you can click the QR Code or type address under the QR Code into a browser.  Once registered you can reuse the link to get to the event.

To ask a question while listening to the radio
without the ability to watch, vote, or chat
click the button below.

Watch the Video Below for Lessons on Mukana and Interactive Radio

This video was created for Tipping the Scales of Justice.
The concepts will be the same for Delmarva Live.