Delmarva Live Ep. 20231201

Originally aired on the 1st of December 2023

Show Topics
Delmarva Live Ep. 20231201

Jeffrey Lord at 10:10 am eastern

  • Education Secretary Miguel Cardona misquoted President Reagan on the evils of government.¬†¬†
    • Did he really believe that or does the leading educator in America really believe¬†that Washington is the new god?
  • A BLM leader has endorsed Trump in 2024 and accuses the Dem-Com's of being racist.¬†

    • Is this a political bombshell or a stunt by BLM to grab the attention of the DNC?

John O'Connor
10:35 am eastern

  • Inching closer to an actual impeachment inquiry, will Hunter Biden's testimony before the House Oversight Committee be as damaging for Joe Biden as John Dean's testimony against Richard Nixon?
  • Trump's Legal Team seeks evidence on 2020 election fraud in an effort to defend Trump against Jack Smith's case in Washington.¬†
    • Is this a smart move by Trump's attorney's?
    • Will they be able to compel Mike Pence to turn over evidence on his movements and actions on January 6th, 2021?
  • Deadspin has committed another Covington Crime, they have created another Nick Sandman in the case of a KC Chiefs Fan.
    • What is Deadspin's exposure from a legal perspective?
    • Is it similar to the Sandmann case?
    • Why does the media continue to fall into these traps?¬†

John Tobacco
11:10 am

  • According to the NY Post: Over 2,500 police officers have left the New York Police Department for the year, with more likely to depart before 2024 rolls around.¬† This is occurring at a time when violent crime, looting and major vandalism are on the increase.
  • What‚Äôs even more concerning is that over 1,000 of those officers actually quit before they became eligible for their pension after two decades of service. The stress of the job ‚Äď and the changing conditions of how the public views officers after ‚Äúdefund the police‚ÄĚ ‚Äď has taken their toll on them.
    • How can New York City attract new recruits to the NYPD when the future looks so bleak?
    • What is the current level of morale within the NYPD?
  • New York Landmarks such as the New York Public Library have been the target of Pro-Palestinian thugs.¬†¬†
    • They targeted the Macy's Parade and have been blocking vehicle traffic.¬† What should Mayor Adams do?
    • Is Adams a dead-man walking with his female accuser from 1993 and is the writing on the wall: Eric Adams is on his way out?¬†

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