Equal is equal, and fair is fair


SILENCING opposing voices is a central tactic of the left; they can’t exist without active enforcement of their ideological bigotry, which they do in a variety of ways.  Obviously, their emotionally-based ideology cannot withstand strict scrutiny, so the right’s reason-based ideas must be swept away.  Those seeking space on the same stage, anchor desk, op-ed page or classroom are excluded and often destroyed in one way or another just for disagreeing with the prevailing leftist-defined narratives.  That’s no longer tolerable, like Jim Crow wasn’t.  Our democracy can’t function if people are prevented from even knowing about the rest of the political/philosophical spectrum.

Lest the law of unintended consequences rear its ugly head, as it does every time government rears its ugly head, let’s not forget that the devil is in the details.  Exceptions exist for protected classes now, as well they must: in equal employment opportunity, the ability to do the job is the primary consideration, which is why an airline isn’t compelled to hire a blind person as a pilot, or an MLB team doesn’t have to sign a 72-year-old woman who bats .001, despite age and sex discrimination claims.  (The blind can work as NFL referees or major league umpires, as they always have, but, I digress.)

Equal employment opportunity means that a job-qualified candidate could not be legally turned away or fired on account of their membership in a political party, their own political belief or lawful political activities.  If an American works in a business, an industry or a job that has no obvious or purposeful political component in any way, that person’s ‘politics’ would comprise a new “protected class” under U.S. law.  This new category of protected class would not destroy an organization’s entire purpose, if it is, indeed, a politically-purposed organization or even a religious one.  So a Democrat committee won’t be forced to hire a lifelong Republican as its director of something-or-other, and the National Abortion Rights League wouldn’t be compelled to hire my cousin, who has spent most of her career actively opposing abortion.  Lucky for them.

The left’s institutional entrenchment in media is so virtually monolithic that the few outposts they don’t possess are obvious and well-known: talk radio, FoxNews, The Wall Street Journal and a handful of websites.  This gross ideological bigotry smacks of “separate but equal” or “all are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  The left denies that they overwhelmingly populate the news, publishing, digital and entertainment media in America, although they’ve lately come to realize that their control of that sector approaches totality, so there’s no reason to pretend they’re objective or unbiased. Having a single political viewpoint virtually dominate the national information platform in this (or any) country cannot possibly serve this (or any) country’s interests.

And it’s like this in America for obvious reasons: A left-wing Democrat, who has been the managing editor of a regional newspaper for 20 years, simply will not hire a reporter, correspondent or another editor if that candidate is known to be anything but left-wing in their perspective and personal political view.  And it’s just that simple.  This reality is so obvious that non-left-wingers generally don’t even bother applying to the alphabet networks, the major print media or Hollywood.  That leaves a lot of competent, skilled and talented people excluded from the major-scale job market.  There were signs in some places in 19th century America that said, “No Irish need apply”.  There aren’t signs today reading, “Republicans aren’t welcomed here”, but there may as well be, and that just isn’t American.

We have a First Amendment here.  Let’s take it seriously in the work place and other places that are open to the public, shall we?

Most universities, high schools and other institutions, where questioning authority and speaking truth to power can lead to lower grades, harassment or actual violence from leftist students, now function as nothing more than incubators for generations of future leftists.  As of just 3 years ago, the reprobate Karl Marx’s disjointed and sophomoric nonsense was among the most required reading in U.S. colleges.  Politically conservative speakers are shouted down or chased off campus; violence by masked “anti-FA”* thugs lurks menacingly if Ann Coulter is invited to speak at almost any college anywhere in the country.  That’s wrongful because it’s unfair, and that’s something that we instinctively recognize as Americans.

Conservatives are loathe to get government involved in places that Article I, Section 8 doesn’t specifically authorize it to be.  We can abide by those principles and let the current political trends in America move to their own logical ends.  Students will be programmed as leftists and media will reinforce it.  In the press and the schools, the professional left will be the ideological landlords, different ideas will be excluded, squashed or marginalized, and one or two more generations of Americans will believe the worst about their own country while enthusiastically embracing the theories of Marx and Mao.  Our Constitutional rights will be ripped away, probably in a spate of bloodshed.  We survived our last Civil War, but we might not survive the next one.

Or, we can ensure that the marketplace of ideas functions as it is intended to:  Diverse and often cacophonous, sometimes contentious, but a place where the people have choices, not one where they are funneled and shoe-horned into conclusions and mindsets because they’re told the other choices are unacceptable.  Sure, one teacher will insist that America is a nation of bigots and victims, but another will describe it as a land of Constitutional rights and limitless opportunity.  No longer would all front page hard news coverage be written though the same lens as the opinion page editor’s; for once, a variety of voices, views and perspectives would tell Americans the story of our time.  For a change, those with different perspectives on history, the present and the future would teach the next generations.

Americans had the backbone to make sure that we all could vote.  And we still do, so let’s make sure that different views are seen and voices are heard from now on.  Anything less is un-American.



*anti First Amendment  Even if they want to call themselves anti-fascist, or pro-Easter Bunny, that’s what they really are.