How much government we won’t miss


DESPITE widely-held yet still wrongful impressions of  ‘small-government conservatives’, we don’t want government employees to starve and lose their homes, cars or anything else, and we want the countless private businesses in the DC region to remain open.  But Americans must not have the false impression that federal employment is a basic, Constitutional civil right that comes before the government’s obligation to defend our nation and protect our people.  The Speaker of the House of Representatives has publicly stated that she won’t negotiate any budget with President Trump that includes funding for a wall, so, there ya go.

To a much lesser extent than any other American worker, government employees face occasional furloughs, RIFs and layoffs.  As with any other worker in any other business or industry, the employee is responsible for their own financial well-being, including preparing for contingencies such as this “shut-down”.

But, the Acting-Chief-Deputy-Assistant-Administrators-For-Administration are not the issue here; employees of American taxpayers, certainly, should be paid and should be at work. Of course, civilization itself hasn’t crumbled and our nation still functions, largely because of the dedication of our essential government employees, armed forces and security professionals.  The real issue that puts “the two Houses” at odds at this moment is quite simple: Will America have security on the southern border, the issue that got the president elected, or will we fund large segments of the U.S. government, comprising employees that traditionally voted Democrat and who were, in return, protected in that employment by Democrat career pols in congress?  Whether those career bureaucrats now view this first month without actual compensation as abandonment or just part of a long-term Democrat strategy remains to be seen.  But they’re starting to wonder why their paychecks aren’t as important to their traditional political protectors as preventing the president from keeping a central campaign promise that amounts to fifteen percent of one percent of the federal budget.

So the Democrat party faces some serious risks with only one upside.  If Trump blinks and relents, the border remains open and undefended, so unskilled, non-English-speaking, illiterate, third-world and perpetually needy warm bodies, perhaps as many as a million a year, come crashing over the Rio Grande.  The Democrat party will never, under any circumstances, accept any form of voter I.D. law in America, ever, without bloodshed.  Combine open voting booths with open borders and you have an absolute, unassailable, Democrat one-party nation within 2 election cycles.  Ten years hence, think USSR with slightly better phone service but a slightly worse secret police force.

If Trump digs in his heels and doesn’t budge, which is the more likely scenario, the Democrat party faces more serious problems: their future voting base of illegal aliens will start to dry up; their traditional constituency of government bureaucrats will begin to feel abandoned by the Democrat party, and the American people will be surprised by how much government they don’t miss.  All three will lead to very unpleasant questions the Democrats don’t want to answer.

As Tucker Carlson has pointed out, the Democrat party opposes the wall because, they say, it won’t work.  But they’re actually against it for precisely the opposite reason: they know it will work.  Their claims that it’s a “medieval solution to a 21st-century problem” and other drivel are specious at best.  Although any fixed barrier can be breached, the better the barrier, the more difficult the breaching will be, meaning it will require more time, effort and gear.  A modern, serious wall will stop a lot of would-be illegal aliens from breaking into our nation, leading to a future dearth of voters and welfare clients upon which the Democrat party depends.

The Democrat/Socialists will lose big time if they think the president is going to back down on this, and that loss will be strategic, tactical and statistical, not just ideological. Their actual motivations are becoming clearer with each passing “day without government.”

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