Idaho police appear to reverse course, do not know if ‘residence or any occupants were specifically targeted’

Law enforcement officials investigating the murders of four University of Idaho students appeared to walk back their claim that one or more of the victims were “targeted,” saying late Wednesday evening that they do not know if that is the case. 

“Detectives do not currently know if the residence or any occupants were specifically targeted but continue to investigate,” the Moscow Police Department said in a news release. 


Latah County prosecutor Bill Thompson told KTVB on Wednesday morning that “investigators believe that this attack was intended for a specific person.” 

Multiple other law enforcement officials have said that either the residence, a specific victim, or all of the victims were targeted, but never revealed why they believed that to be true. 

Moscow Police Captain Roger Lanier said one week ago that individuals believed the attack was targeted, but couldn’t say why to preserve the integrity of the investigation. 

“We’ve told the public very clearly from the beginning that we believe it was a targeted attack,” Lanier said. “To be honest, you’re going to have to trust us on that at this point, because we’re not going to release why we think that.”

The Moscow Police Department said Wednesday that they have since clarified the evidence with Thompson and his statement was the result of a “miscommunication.”

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