In the American hospital

People from all over the world envy me, you, and anybody who has access to American physicians, surgeons, medical specialists and healthcare facilities.  Our medicine and medical pros here in the The States are the world’s best and everybody knows it.  Our nurses, doctors, therapists, radiologists, pharmacy technicians, etc., don’t go out on strike, don’t demand shorter hours, higher pay, etc. Our hospitals don’t re-use hypodermics; don’t wash and re-use bandages; don’t have insufferably high infection rates and don’t smell of human waste like ‘hospitals’ in the USSR did.  We also have the best technology and medicine there is.  In fact, it’s so good that foreign countries don’t even bother developing their own; they just wait for our companies to do it since we’re so advanced beyond everybody else.

The cardiac catheterization I had on Monday morning was a good example of how private, for-profit medicine works.  A decade ago, this would have been much more complex and risky than it was today.  Today, it was pretty easy, actually: Get to Beebe, about 45 minutes in the cardiac prep area, some oral and IV medicines, then into the cath lab.  I never felt the catheter going into the artery; Doctor Myers and the two nurses, who all acted like they’d done this a few thousand times with no problems, took maybe half-an-hour watching the whole thing on one of the four monitors that I could see, told me that I didn’t have any major blockages or problems, other than some residual effects from a massive heart attack in 2007, and I was wheeled back to the cardiac prep ward.  Cardiologist Dr. Myers pointed out various things, like the 4 wires that kept the sternum together after the quintuple bypass in ’07 and the 5 grafts that thoracic surgeon Kurt Wehburg performed then.  Less than an hour later, I was slamming down a drive-through, fast-food breakfast, then home and sleeping like a log.  No problems.  None.

Beebe is a superior, world-class hospital, no question about it.  I’ve been a patient there a couple of times; once for kidney stones and once for a mini-stroke.  The fact of the matter is, American hospitals are the world’s best and Beebe is one of the best in our country.  We’re fortunate to have it here.

All’s well that ends well, so let’s keep it that way.  Superior medical care is private medical care, not government-run medical care.  In AOC’s world, everything is triaged, everything is rationed, everything is, “We can’t supply infinite medicine for everybody, comrade.”  Just like it was in that Marxist paradise she never had to live in but admires more than anything, the USSR.  That, in and of itself, is enough to give anybody a heart attack.

Obviously, taxpayers (NOT ‘government’) pay for a large portion of the medical care of those over 65 and others who have low incomes.  Ultimately, the law of unintended consequences kicked in and that invoked that really nasty law of supply and demand, so, prices went up.  I guess LBJ didn’t see that one coming.  Leftist Democrat party pols never do.

But if we want to keep the world’s greatest medical care, let’s keep government bureaucrats and busy-bodies as far away from running it as possible.  They’ll make it look like Europe’s and, if they’re not checked, like the Soviets’.  And that’s a punishment we don’t deserve.