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SEVERAL items were missing from last Saturday’s GOP convention, held outdoors on the Republican National Committeeman’s greensward; thankfully, mosquitoes were at the top of the M.I.A. list.

I was honored twice at the mobile convocation in Kent County.  It’s a big deal to be a delegate to a state political party’s convention because one’s vote actually counts for something, even though the convention in Delaware is a “beauty contest”*, not a legally binding party election.

“They” don’t give a person a radio talk show unless he has some pretty strong opinions and can express them. “They” also don’t ask one to give the nominating speech at a state political convention unless one has those same characteristics, and I was flattered when my friend James DeMartino, Esq., asked me to nominate him to run against that incumbent pink-o Chris Coons (D-DE), who has been moving our state and nation to the left since 2015. 

I was happy to let loose and, uncharacteristically, let the 200 or so patriots there know what I really think. 

Jim is a great guy: Family man, Citadel grad, former Marine Corps Judge Advocate, intelligence officer and now an attorney-at-law in private practice.  He’ll make the kind of senator America and Delaware need.  He has run for office before against Pete Schwartzkopf; that effort certainly served as a good training ground for Jim.  Giving up is not a Marine Corps trait.

Also vying for that endorsement was Lauren Witzke, the kind of candidate that the GOP cannot afford to lose if we want to have a future as a political party.  Lauren’s candid honesty and forthright openness make perfect tactical sense by denying the enemy an avenue of attack, although some creep sent out an underhanded email on Saturday morning trying to squash her campaign.  Although her C.V. has some blanks that need filling in, she is obviously young, attractive, articulate and is no quitter.

DeMartino won, but the surprise was the breadth of his victory over Lauren Witzke.  The race was expected to be tight; Lauren said she has raised more money than James and seems to be stumping everywhere in Delaware. 

Many well-known G.O.P. figures filed for the gubernatorial nomination, including Carney ally Sen. Colin Bonini (16th) of Camden/Wyoming, who tried to get the convention cancelled, then didn’t show up. Also missing were mystery man David Bosco and Russell “Scott” Walker, he of the unlawful signage and incomprehensible platform-to-nowhere.

David Graham went tent-to-tent pitching the state’s 5  G.O.P. regions, although low name recognition and oddball sartorial choices weren’t in his favor.

Until Saturday, Sen. Bryant Richardson (21st Seaford) was the highest-profile Republican looking to displace John Carney.  He is a solid conservative whose voting record and stump speeches reflect traditional values that many Americans long for.  But, from the outset, his appeal may well be perceived as “too rural” to develop into a true statewide candidacy.  North of Camden/Wyoming, Bryant, who is an excellent businessman, a veteran, newspaperman and family man, may be seen as a downstater to whom Wilmington and the rest of New Castle couldn’t relate.  This, of course, would be to their detriment, but that’s politics.  And Bryant’s demeanor as the “soft-spoken man of few words” is rarely the right one when on the hustings, despite the fact that those who know him understand that still waters run deep.

Bursting onto the political stage in May was Julianne Murray, Esq. of Georgetown, who was so incensed by Gov. Carney’s Chinese virus orders earlier this year that she threw her hat into the ring when the governor’s fiat cost her and her husband rental revenue from their beach condominium.  Mortgagees want their money anyway, of course, adding insult to injury, and the U.S. Constitution contains no provision for emergency suspension regardless of the reason.  She sued Carney, who relented several days later, a reversal that received scant Mediacrat attention.  Mrs. Murray, although originally from Northern Virginia, did very well with G.O.P. Delawareans and got more delegates’ votes than Senator Richardson in every region, which was a third major upset.

Several of Senator Richardson’s former steadfast supporters told me soon after the convention that they are now behind Mrs. Murray.  Absolutely no-one has a bad word to say about Bryant, but Julianne’s presence, speaking ability, message and general, all-around enthusiasm raised her “in-it-to-win-it” quotient to Sir Edmund Hillary levels.  She’s the most exciting gubernatorial candidate the G.O.P.  has fielded in decades.

Delaware is one of a handful of states in which the Lieutenant Governor and the “big cheese” run on separate tickets and, as a result, can come from different parties.  Donyale Hall captured the convention endorsement for the “L-T” spot unopposed, but certainly would have won it no matter what.  The mother of ten children and a grandmom (You’d never know it to look at her, though.), she’s a U.S. veteran, as were her father and grandfather before her, and holder of a Master’s degree.  It’s never easy for a black woman to be a conservative in today’s leftist culture, but she has more backbone than most.  I almost pity her opponent, actually.

Insurance Commissioner candidate Julia Pillsbury, D.O., is a retired pediatrician and United States Army and Air Force veteran who ran unopposed for the endorsement.  The week before, I spoke with Dr. Pillsbury and suggested that she talk with Jeff Cragg, who knows more about insurance than any human being on this planet, since his Midwestern family’s background is squarely in the insurance industry.  Jeff would have been the best Commissioner in the nation, but, Delaware is a virtually one-party state and a candidate’s qualifications matter less than ethnicity and party.  Dr. Pillsbury studied at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, right next to WPVI-TV 6 on City Line Ave.  She would benefit from a new hair style, potentially eliminating any future bad hair days since that’s so crucial now.

Unopposed in the G.O.P. and running again for the U.S. House of Representatives is Lee Murphy, a great guy (Linda tells me I use that phrase too much, but it fits.) with a spectacularly varied background as an Amtrak railroad engineer as well as a SAG/AFTRA actor.  If anyone in this race could be called the “everyman” of the ticket, Lee is it.  His down-to-Earth commonsense approach is just what our state and nation need right now, and in massive quantities.  He must remind Delaware that he has worked for a living his entire life; the incumbent has been prepared for her seat in the House through a series of positions in civil rights and minority-focused organizations.  There’s a huge difference between knocking on doors and having those doors opened for you.

In September, Delaware’s registered Republicans will have the opportunity to vote for their candidates in the actual primary; the president won his primary here weeks ago.  The question, as always, is this: Will G.O.P. voters actually come out and vote in the general? If history is any indication, the answer is: No, they won’t, and the leftists will take the White House and senate away from the Republicans, who will never, ever again control either institution. 

But, let’s be honest with ourselves: Keeping control of Pennsylvania Ave. is not even close to the G.O.P.’s real agenda, is it?  No, what they really want is to keep influence…not political power, as such, but influence…on “K” street in DC, so they can remain friends with lobbyists who would hire them at $1 or $2million a year after they’re voted or redistricted out of office…which they will be, by their friends, the Democrats. 

After all, many Republicans swear they’ll never watch NASCAR, the NFL or NBA again…until it comes on TV again, that is.  But the professional left is too busy taking politics seriously by hitting below the belt, playing hardball and dirty pool to care about sports.  They’re out winning elections while we “refuse to stoop to their level.”

*Our American political lexicon is colorful to say the least, isn’t it?  If this had been an actual beauty contest, Lauren Witzke would have won like Secretariat.
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