It’s time to doff the gloves

RECONSTRUCTION-era “Black codes”, or Jim Crow laws, stopped American citizens from voting and exercising other Constitutional rights. Americans were prevented from using public restrooms or sleeping at certain hotels in some states in the Union.  And some of those Americans had been war heroes for our country barely twenty years before the Freedom Riders literally risked their lives to help Americans register to vote.

There aren’t supposed to be any second-class American citizens in our country, and, so all Americans could live under the blanket of liberty the Constitution provides, the coercive force of government had to be brought to bear to stop some states and businesses from treating some Americans like they weren’t Americans at all.

But, in some industries and institutions in our country, there are, indeed, second-class citizens, and they’re kept as far away from those places as Dr. Ralph Abernathy would have been kept from a Woolworth’s luncheon counter.  And the consequences of this discrimination are wide-ranging, far-reaching and strategic.

Because the professional left’s ideological control over American media and education is virtually monolithic, consumers of those institutions’ output receive only one perspective, only one view, only one description, only one opinion, which, all too often, is presented as “truth” (or, even worse, “fact”) to unsuspecting students and audiences.  And heaven help them if they question authority or dare speak truth to power.

Of course, most right-of-center people know better than to seek work in media or academe today.  Democrat college professors outnumber Republicans by 12-to-1, and a Marxist professor can give any grade he or she wants if the student doesn’t agree that the bourgeoisie must be liquidated.  In Hollywood, one keeps one’s admiration of Reagan or Trump very, very quiet if one wants to work in pictures.  The few conservatives in newsrooms are often hounded with various degrees of invective; some simply can’t stand it and leave.

Is that really the American way?  More than a million American fighting men have lost their lives to preserve freedom of speech, faith, the press and conscience.  But if you say the wrong thing you can lose your job.  Or, worse, if your boss finds out you even think the wrong thing, you can be fired, too.  A university can fire a prof just for being a Republican.  Big Tech is now infamous for its enforcement of a leftist corporate culture.  It’s not “discrimination” because political belief isn’t a protected class.

But why not?  American colleges and universities today actually function as incubators for increasingly active leftists.  Today’s so-called journalism schools emphasize ‘truth’ over ‘fact’ and ‘influence’ over ‘information’, thus deliberately depriving ‘news’ consumers of facts that reporters find unsupportive of the pre-conceived conclusions they want their audiences to reach.

Whose interest does a national media and academe, virtually uniform in its purposeful agenda and political ideology, and openly willing to enforce it, serve?  It’s painfully obvious whose interest is not served, and that’s the American people’s, who cannot make informed decisions if media, entertainment and education work to influence rather than teach, entertain or inform.  To change this institutionalized bias, and provide equal access to employment, lending and public accommodation (with exceptions), “an American’s political philosophy, party membership or ideology, or lack thereof, shall not be taken into account, nor shall it in any way be a criteria, in employment, housing, or public accommodation, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Fair Housing Opportunity Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, shall hereby be further amended to authorize the enforcement, by their respective commissioned Agencies and Offices, of the provisions of this Bill,” or something like that.

Schools have been moving society’s future mindset to the left for 75 years or so; media has been predominantly left for almost that long in print, film and electronic.  As one would expect, when the left is in control, they do not allow dissent, debate or disagreement; those who dare to speak up are punished, often harshly.  That’s as true in the classroom as it is in the newsroom, and it’s time to bring that to a stop.