James Harrison responds to Antonio Brown’s claims Harrison caused receiver’s ‘CTE,’ ‘aggressive behavior’


Antonio Brown said in an Instagram Live appearance that former teammate James Harrison gave him CTE.

Harrison was apparently shocked to learn of the former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver’s claim.

Harrison tweeted the infamous video of Idris Elba choking on a chicken wing in an episode of “Hot Ones,” saying he had received 150 text messages Saturday morning.

“Me realizing why I had 150 text messages this morning,” Harrison wrote. 


Brown said Harrison gave him CTE and caused his “aggressive behavior.”

“I wanted to tell you guys that I think James Harrison gave me CTE. James Harrison had an illegal helmet for over 20 years in the NFL, and he hit me one time. And, ever since he hit me, I’ve been super aggressive. So blame James Harrison for my CTE,” Brown said.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain condition that researchers have determined is caused by repeated blows to the head or experiencing many concussions. It’s not diagnosable until someone dies.

Many speculate, though, that Brown’s behavior changed drastically after a helmet-to-helmet hit. However, that hit was delivered by Vontaze Burfict of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Brown has been in and out of trouble both on and off the field in recent years. In the last game he played, he shed his jersey and pads and stormed off the sideline at MetLife Stadium and was almost immediately released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In December, he had domestic charges brought against him. Two months prior, he was ordered to pay a truck driver over $1 million for an alleged assault. Last month, he came under fire when his Snapchat account posted explicit content of the mother of his four children.

Brown remains a free agent. Harrison retired after the 2017 season.

Fox News’ Chantz Martin contributed to this story.

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