On Roger Stone


AROUND LAST Labor Day, my friend Tyler Nixon, a former U.S. Army officer and University of Virginia-educated attorney, arranged for Roger Stone to come to WGMD and spend forty minutes on-air with me. I don’t take pieces of silver to rat people out, and the local roosters may crow all they want and I’ll not deny knowing Roger, Tyler or anybody else.  Why would I?  I consider Roger to be a friend; after all, when I had an outpatient cardiac procedure at Beebe in mid-January, Roger called to wish me well.  Yeah, Roger Stone is my friend.  I’m happy to talk to him, at any time, on any subject.

Very early Friday morning, he was the target of a ridiculous and unnecessary show of force by the United States government, one that would have been appropriate if a major armed drug gang of desperados were holed up inside a fortified, reinforced structure, known to mount at least one .30-cal. machine gun, 2 dozen AKs and some hand grenades.  After tipping off CNN, nearly 30 FBI agents, mostly in combat gear, stormed Roger’s home, terrifying his wife Nydia, who is deaf.  Roger feared, with good reason, that the G-men might not have realized that she could not hear their orders, which could have led to tragic results.

Results, in fact, almost as tragic as the very idea of an unelected, prosecutor, politically uncontrollable and enjoying media encouragement, whose scope of authority has never been widely published, investigating people, not crimes, contrary to known DoJ rules, staffed with Democrat lawyers that used to work for Hillary.  Those are facts, not opinions.

As Founding Father and political genius John Adams once famously said, facts are stubborn things.  Here are a few more:

  • A United States Department of Justice regulation requires evidence of a specific crime before a special prosecutor can be appointed, presumably to prevent ‘fishing expeditions’ by overzealous, politically-motivated, busybody butt-in-skis. As was verified by former FBI Ass’t. U.S. Attorney Lisa Page in congressional committee testimony, no actual evidence of a specific crime was known when the former A.G., Jeff Sessions was pressured by career DoJ personnel into approving the current Special Prosecutor’s investigation.
  • The “Steele dossier”, largely paid for by Hillary For President and the D.N.C., was used as part of the basis for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretap warrant against American citizens during the last months of the Obama administration. Senior FBI executives and assistant U.S. attorneys were aware of the strictly political nature of the dossier. Withholding that material fact from the FISC judge, which is a form of perjury, they “signed off” on the warrant applications anyway.
  • For all intents and purposes, the Office of the Special Prosecutor is not answerable to anyone. Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker is highly unlikely to make changes while awaiting senate confirmation of William P. Barr, who held the office from 1991 to 1993.  Barr could direct or terminate Mueller or any of the assistant U.S. attorneys working on the investigation, but this would be politically suicidal for the Trump administration.  Of the original 17 lawyers Mueller brought on, the 15 Democrats either donated money to Hillary’s campaign or were actively retained by it, the DNC or firms under contract to the campaign or the committee.
  • In congressional testimony, current and former FBI and DoJ personnel have stated under oath that they believed that Carter Page, a USNA grad and arm’s length, informal advisor to the Trump campaign, may have been a Russian intelligence asset, compromised and controlled by that country’s government. Page has not been arrested during the 2 years of the investigation.  This glaring fact has led many to conclude that Page was never an actual target of the surveillance.
  • No American has yet been indicted on any charge that is directly or indirectly related to the alleged “Russian collusion”. Charges against Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and the Greek guy who was in jail for 14 days (13 ½ with time off for good behavior) are all “process crimes”, violations that would not exist except for the investigation itself, or old tax dodges that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Trump campaign.  That’s investigating people, not crimes.  That’s Gestaspo and KGB stuff.  We don’t do that in America.

Will America wise-up to this Lavrenti Beria-style nonsense?  Bobby 3-Sticks sent more guys to Roger’s house than we sent to kill bin Laden in 2011. Will the Mediacrat party ever explain why its own government bureaucracy gave immunity to virtually everybody at the DNC and Hillary’s campaign?  Is it “justice for all” when Republicans are treated one way and Democrats another?  There is clear and unmistakeable evidence that this is, literally, a political prosecution.  Roger needs and deserves the help of every American who believes that no political party may ever use the apparatus of government against their political rivals: https://www.stonedefensefund.com/

I asked Roger if he had passed any DNC emails or purloined server info from WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to Jerome Corsi, PhD, or vice-versa, and he said he hadn’t.  I believe Roger.  I don’t believe Hillary or the Mediacrat party.  Look at the facts and make up your own mind.


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