The prevaricating industry


Since we’re all Americans, we all believe that the First Amendment is central to our definition and identity as a nation and as a people.  Our Constitution is the only one in the world that grants absolute freedom to the press.  So, let’s take a deep breath, relax a moment, and then grab them by their nasty little necks and do to them what that mindless idiot at CNN wanted to do to Nicholas Sandmann of Covington, Kentucky.  I mean, if it’s alright to punch a 17-year-old child’s face for the unpardonable crime of smiling at some ultra-goofy valor thief, it certainly must be okay to choke the metaphorical canine fecal matter out of the Mediacrat party for wasting two years and twenty or thirty million dollars on the summer camp snipe hunt that finally and mercifully ended on the last weekend in March.

And, not with a bang, but with a whimper.  Amazingly, the professional left, crestfallen as most of them were, a day later had regained their composure, acting as if nothing even happened and resuming their coordinated ideological strafing runs.  Clearly emerging again as their actual leader, the Speaker of the House commanded a rapid pivot and, suddenly, the defense of Obamacare was the new big f^<&!ng deal, complete with the leftist stratagem of the presumptive, “leading” question: “What will Trump replace it with?”  An actual, unbiased, politically-neutral question might be, “Are there further plans along those lines?”  But, I digress.  This isn’t Journalism 101, a class that was never heard of, let alone taken, by any of the main anchors, writers, reporters or editors* who have been fixated on Obama’s legacy since Speaker Pelosi gave them their replacement script last Monday.  The one they’d been following these two years suddenly took a plot twist whose likelihood seemed about the same as Trump being elected in the first place, so they couldn’t be that wrong twice.

Except they were.  And again, an event upon which they were hanging their entire professional and emotional lives came to pass, as if to mock their wisdom, judgment and the things they were taught at universities that were so much better than the community colleges their audiences would have been lucky to get into.  The tears were real, just like Martha Raddatz’s on that night of unspeakable horror in November, 2016.

As if anyone needed a reminder, detached observers don’t weep when a story ends in a certain way.  Neutral witnesses don’t have emotional stakes in the outcomes of stories.  News, especially political, is today almost never delivered in any medium without “analysis”, “interpretation” or “context” built in.  But during these last two years the American media at almost every level has shown a nearly uniform and undisguised hostility toward the president that has bordered on psychotic.

As we’ve seen, leftist ideology controls the vast majority of the press in America, which is not by accident.  In our nation, the press’ only agenda should be to clearly and dispassionately report the news, all the news, without bias or any attempt to influence opinions or the outcome of events.  Instead, the press uses the protection they’re given to pursue an agenda, not ours, but theirs.

And the more aware of it we are, the less effective it will be.



*Except Jeff Glor, because he went to the Newhouse School at Syracuse U.


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