U.S.A., revised

HOW fashionable and trendy it is at this juncture to revise American history to something it never was, and from which the America of today never would have resulted.

The iconoclasts of earlier this summer went around with virtual impunity, mostly in leftist-controlled cities, destroying statues of everybody from Christopher Columbus* to Andrew and Thos. J. “Stonewall” Jackson, under the premise that racists are everywhere and, therefore, their images must be destroyed.  This continued until the president invoked enforcement of a federal law mandating a 10-year prison sentence for such un-American and unwholesome acts.

To be sure, that never would have been necessary 30 years ago, let alone in the decades that bracketed World War Two.  No American would have even thought of doing such a thing because Americans used to have more respect for our country’s history than they do today.  Why is that respect on the wane?  Modern American “education” is actually indoctrination, and anybody who doesn’t see and acknowledge that is fooling themselves.

antifaand blm terrorists claim that statues of Rob’t. E. Lee1, Jefferson Davis, “Stonewall” Jackson and other Confederate figures were erected to intimidate blacks, inspire a Southern “comeback”, keep the “lost cause” narrative alive and other spurious prevarications. Why moronic white punks on dope attacked statues of Abraham Lincoln speaks to the massive failings of American unionized teachers; the exclamation marks were the attacks on the Emancipation Memorial in Washington DC2 and on Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ bronze relief in Boston of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, a black regiment that served with honor during the war. 

“Stupid” and “ignorant” are not sufficient pejoratives to describe the dirtbags who attacked these memorials or the “educators” who deliberately left huge blanks on their students’ history pages.  To the self-described intelligentsia, with teaching certificates in hand, the “peculiar institution” must henceforth characterize America according to The New York Times’ “1619 Project”, a libelous and malodorous pile of calumny that even now is infecting our children through the dirty needles of the unionized teachers in public “child-processing buildings”.  The 700,000 white males who died in the deadliest war in American history to determine if slavery would continue here simply do not matter, must be forgotten and shall never be mentioned again. Next, a committee of “journalists” and “educators” will demand their graves be destroyed.

Now, it’s once again time to talk about the other unforgiveable American sins: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The internet is rife with those geniuses who insist that the use of the world’s first atom bombs (as they were then called) was not only unnecessary but was done for purely political, not military, reasons.  The revisionists base this, as usual, on various diary entries and books written after the fact by participants who wish to position themselves as great humanitarians and want the world to insulate their memories from that worst-of-all-imaginable insults: racist!

The usual “arguments” are tossed about: Japan wanted to surrender; Stalin declared war on Japan; they were starving anyway; a land invasion would have been better; Truman only did it to impress Stalin; World War Two was racist; dropping the bombs was racist; the B-29 was racist; America is racist; you’re a racist; Trump’s a racist.

To make sure America would always be the “bad guy”, the contemporary falsehood goes like this: Japan was an innocent, peaceful country, victimized by Western imperialist, racist, colonialist powers who goaded Japan into the war.  The atomic bombings were done only to “keep the little yellow people in their place”.

Japan, of course, never wanted to surrender.  What they sought in early August, 1945 was a truce/cease fire on their terms, not the United Nations’3 terms.  Among the conditions the Japanese military dictatorship sought were the retention of lands they had conquered in Korea, China and Manchuria; maintenance of their military forces and their military government and the conduct of any war crimes trials by that same government.  They made no mention of the repatriation of Allied POWs in their original communiqués through the Swedish legation.

These terms were, obviously, completely unacceptable to Truman, Churchill and Stalin.  The Soviet Communist ruler, by prior agreement, declared war on Japan 90 days after the Nazis surrendered.

The anti-American left, of course, wants us to view Truman, Byrnes, Marshall, Stimson, MacArthur, Forrestal and LeMay as blood-thirsty monsters who couldn’t wait to kill and maim Japanese civilians.  American school children are still forced to read Hiroshima by John Hersey, a one-sided propaganda tract that, as if in a vacuum, describes the lives of people changed from the moment of detonation. Hersey, a “journalist” writing in The New Yorker in 1947, says not one word about Nanking, Bataan, Cabanatuan or any of the myriad atrocities carried out as acts of national policy by Japanese forces.

The only outcome acceptable to the U.S. and our allies was unconditional surrender by Japan.  The Japanese wanted the emperor to remain on his throne, a term General MacArthur understood as absolutely essential to the reconstruction of Japan as a viable nation-state; Truman agreed.  In the president’s address to the American people on August 11th, he used the phrase, “I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam declaration…” In short, the Japanese didn’t say precisely what he wanted to hear, but it was close enough.

Between Trinity and Hiroshima, many weak-kneed and morally timid bureaucrats, unsure of the ultimate effects of the bomb, spent more time wringing their hands over their own personal images in future history books than they did over the fastest way to end the war.

The professional left’s basket of lies and ugliness is now being force-fed to our children; unionized teachers eagerly ingest and regurgitate this nonsense because their hatred for America, uninformed by facts, is much stronger than their quest for the truth.

Today, American school children are told nothing of what Japan did to helpless civilians in the lands they invaded; they’re left with a one-sided, anti-American view that encourages them to hate their own country.  Content to allow today’s children to picture their country as mostly slave-masters and war criminals, American teachers depict antebellum Japan as the anti-war, peaceable business empire it is today, i.e., victims, even though the Japan of today is not in any way remotely similar to the Japan of 1940. 

One would hope that some Americans would do something about that.

*No life images of the Genoese navigator exist, so nobody has any idea what he actually looked like.  For all we know, the statue could be a likeness of Pasquale DiBennedeto or some other local whom the artist knew.

† anti-First Amendment is what they’re really all about

1 Lee remains the only cadet to graduate, at second in his class of 1829, from the United States Military Academy at West Point with no demerits. His strategic and tactical actions during the Civil War are generally considered among the most brilliant in 19th century military history and are still studied as “textbook” examples of military science.

2 The bronze statue was created in 1876 by abolitionist sculptor Thos. Ball and depicts President Lincoln and a freed slave who is arising from a kneeling position.  The monument, known also as the Freedmen’s Memorial, was paid for entirely by contributions from former slaves.

3 This was the official term for the Allies during the war.  The organization that bears its name today was formed by the victors after the war.