1/5 of Delawarean May have had Their Facebook Data Exposed!


The Delaware Department of Justice says more than 200,000 people in Delaware may have had their personal data exposed as part of the Facebook data breach.  The numbers come from responses by Facebook to questions posted by A-G Matt Denn’s office.  Nearly that many across the country have installed the app that was used to gather personal information.  Besides deleting your Facebook account, there are steps that you can take to reduce information shared through third-party apps.

Experts say users should minimize the number of apps that they have installed – users can go to Settings and click on “Apps and Settings” to see the apps they have installed and click to delete any of them. Outside of Facebook, it is also recommended that people not use the option for many websites or apps offer to log in with their Facebook account, because that login allows data sharing between Facebook and the website or app.

Facebook users can access or download all the information Facebook has stored about them (files are generally very large) by following instructions at https://www.facebook.com/help/1701730696756992