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The Rehoboth Foodie

As a professional musician for over 28 years, I could always be found in the kitchens when I wasn’t on stage. My “day job” was in professional audio/video media production, radio and technical education, but my heart (and stomach) has always been in the food business. I was a partner in an Italian deli, a corporate catering service (crystal, china and silver all the way), and a big supper club on the shores of the Potomac River where Cajun and Creole specialties flew out of a high-tech kitchen while top-name artists (like Bonnie Raitt and Fleetwood Mac) performed on the stage. I owned and operated my own upscale BBQ place for several years before eventually relocating to Rehoboth Beach.

I have two weekly restaurant/food columns in Cape Region newspapers, and I write critical articles for several local magazines. I’ve written menus, written/edited/tested recipes for cookbooks, and penned restaurant and travel reviews/articles/columns for various publications. I’m pleased to have been twice honored with the title of “Pitmaster” for excellence in the preparation and smoking of BBQ. I have a wonderful high-tech playground … uhh, I mean kitchen … in my home. I love Middle-Eastern food and cook much of it at home.

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This Saturday on WGMD the Rehoboth Foodie Talks….

Saturday at 2 on WGMD 92.7, The Rehoboth Foodie talks Beach Eats -- AND Beach Sips with Maui surfer and master distiller “Tequila John” Atanasio from Tattoo Tequila. Yes, there WILL be tastings. At 3, alcohol continues to be the theme when Vintage Imports' Paul Karp brings Charlotte Devilliers (dee-VILL-yerz) from Rombauer Wines to the Foodie studios. And yes, there will ALSO be tastings. Will they make it to the end of the two hours? Tune in Saturday at 2 to find out.....