"I get probably 2 - 3 customers a night that will come in and say I heard you on the radio and it sounded great and we are so happy you're advertising locally with local businesses" - Tom Holmes

I am just very happy I am advertising with them.  They have been very loyal to us and the feedback I get from my customers about the station is tremendous". Tom Holmes 

Captain's Pizzeria

"We only advertise with WGMD, and we love it"! - Karen Diakos

We always get exactly what we ask for and it is well worth the money we invest in it". - Karen Diakos

McQueen Classics

"With no question, the ROI on the fees from WGMD are completely worth it". - Peter Guida

I would say the radio ads have increased our branding in the 30%, 40% range". - Peter Guida

"When we started with WGMD we had 6 employees and we are no up to 15 employees in a 36 month period". - Peter Guida


"I consider WGMD to be part of our family", Gary Rhodes

We know that when we mention a product on Out and About Wednesday that customers will be here the next day looking for it - Keith Pettit