15 Community Organizations To Aid Delawareans In Need Of Rent & Utility Assistance


Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) has awarded $2.5 million in Community Navigation Program grants to 15 community partner organizations throughout the state. Each organization will have dedicated staff who will aid Delawareans seeking rent or utility assistance due to financial hardships caused by the pandemic. 

The 15 DEHAP Community Navigation partners include Brandywine Counseling and Community Services, Catholic Charities, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, Rehoboth Community Resource Center, Housing Alliance Delaware, Latin American Community Center, Lutheran Community Services, Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, Ministry of Caring, NCALL Research Fund, New Castle County Government, People’s Place II, Inc., Terrie M. Williams Expansion Project, West End Neighborhood House, and YWCA Delaware. 

“We’ve been helping the community with rental arrears for years and know that living paycheck to paycheck is like sailing on a rocking ship. If we can help calm the waters, then families can move forward successfully,” said Jo Allegro-Smith, Executive Director of the Community Resource Center. “No one organization can do it alone. The Community Navigation Program is a benefit because it brings together partners throughout the state to advocate on behalf of tenants. That’s how meaningful, long-term change for Delawareans is achieved.” 

Each organization is trained by DSHA and equipped to help the eligible Delawareans gather or scan required documentation, access the internet in areas where broadband is unreachable, submit applications through the online portal, and connect with DSHA to answer questions about application status.

“West End understands that Delawareans face a critical shortage of affordable housing and that teenagers and young adults face additional challenges that further complicate their ability to access such housing,” said Paul F. Calistro, Jr., Executive Director of the West End Neighborhood House, Inc. “We are grateful for this partnership with the Delaware State Housing Authority and are committed to helping increase access to affordable housing for those most in need.”

The DEHAP Community Navigation Program is funded through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which was distributed by the U.S. Treasury Department to Delaware in December 2020 and March 2021. The funds are being administered by DSHA and are available until 2025. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with community organizations that are so passionately invested in keeping Delawareans housed,” Eugene Young, director of the Delaware State Housing Authority. “These partnerships will produce the specific, individualized supports the community needs as the state recovers from the pandemic. Their participation will deepen and enrich the program’s reach and ensure that the federal dollars are spent efficiently. We’re thankful to work with them.”

The DEHAP Rental Assistance program provides emergency housing assistance to renters affected by shutdowns, closures, layoffs, reduced work hours, unpaid leave, or financial hardship related to the COVID-19 health crisis. 

Since its launch, DEHAP has dispersed over $50 million in rent and utility assistance, helping over 8,000 Delawareans. For questions about DEHAP, please call 866-935-0407 or text (302) 204-5676. To apply online or learn more about the DEHAP Community Navigators, please visit https://decovidhousinghelp.com/.