2 Arrested Following Weapons / Drug Bust In Dewey Beach

Drugs seized by Dewey Beach Police

Two people are facing charges following a report of suspicious individuals around a vehicle in Dewey Beach.
According to Dewey Beach Police, officers arrived on the scene on Read Avenue Saturday night, and a handgun was spotted in the door pocket of the vehicle with a loaded magazine next to it. The smell of marijuana led to an investigation, and police said suspected drug paraphernalia was out in plain view.
Dewey Beach Police said a search of the vehicle turned up two handguns, two magazines, and 11 rounds of nine-millimeter hollow-point bullets. The search also revealed nearly 48-grams of marijuana and items of drug paraphernalia.
Arrested were 21-year-old Shkai Chandler of Ellendale for weapons offenses and drug charges and 24-year-old Kaje Tiggs-Reynolds of Harrington on drug-related charges. Chandler and Tiggs-Reynolds have been committed to Sussex Correctional Institution.

Gun and bullets seized by Dewey Beach Police
Kaje Tiggs-Reynolds (photo shared by Dewey Beach Police)

Shkai Chandler (photo shared by Dewey Beach Police)