22,000 More H-2B Visas Approved By Homeland Security


22,000 additional H-2B Visas have been released, which should make it easier for the seafood industry, tourism and other sectors that rely upon temporary seasonal workers.

The Department of Homeland Security said demand for workers is a major reason for this decision.

Congressman Andy Harris, R- Md. 1st who represents the Eastern Shore said the action is welcome, but still may not be enough to fill available openings.

“Our seafood processors and other local seasonal businesses depend on the labor of H-2B employees.  Before obtaining H-2B visa employees, employers must make extensive efforts to recruit American workers, hire any qualified American worker who applies for the position, and prove that they were unable to hire American workers for the position.  This program is a win-win for the American taxpayer, as these non-immigrant guest workers come here on a seasonal basis, pay taxes, contribute to the local economy, support American jobs and businesses, and then return to their home countries.  While I appreciate the Secretary acting on my request and providing some relief, I am concerned that this number will be insufficient to meet the full demand of our seasonal employers as we come off the pandemic,” Harris said.  “I will continue to work to ensure that my local seasonal businesses and the many American workers they employ are able to bring in the temporary foreign workers they need to meet their seasonal labor demands.”

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