4th Ambulance Joins Fleet At Millville VFC


A local volunteer fire company that’s especially busy in the summertime, but also serves the community all year long, now has more capability to do so.

The Millville Volunteer Fire Company recently added a 4th ambulance to its fleet. According to Chief Guy Rickards, such an ambulance is ordered and custom-built. The COVID-19 pandemic also delayed its delivery.

Months later – and about $400,000 later – it’s here.

Rickards said it’s Millville’s first ambulance with a power load stretcher.

“The stretcher picks itself up and sort of self-loads itself into the ambulance. That prevents our employees from having to do so much lifting and could potentially prevent back injuries and things like that,” Rickards said.

Millville VFC received grants from Millville and Ocean View to offset the cost of the ambulance. Rickards said the ambulance is nearly paid off, thanks to the grants and money saved by the VFC.

Rickards added that the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, like many local companies and squads, is in need of volunteers. He said growth in the area and the influx of visitors in the summer keep the crew very busy.

Volunteers also must be trained and re-trained to keep their certifications.

“The more calls we have, the more demand there is on volunteers,” Rickards said.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more may visit the Millville Volunteer Fire Company website, Millville84.com