Sussex County Council Fills P&Z Commission Vacancy & Gets a Trash Update


Sussex County Council Agenda & Packet –

After a week off, the Sussex County Council was back in session this morning. The council was given an update on the programs at the UD Carvel Research & Education Center in Georgetown. Director Mark Isaacs talked about the programs that the center does and also updated the council on the outcome of funding provided by the County Government to help defray the cost towards interns. By way of a video, the interns also thanked the council.

A public interview was held for Planning & Zoning Commission nominee Bruce Mears. He was approved for the seat by a unanimous vote. Mears will resign his seat on the Board of Adjustment and Board of Adjustment & Building Code Board of Adjustments & Appeals. The next P&Z Commission meeting is February 14.
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Image courtesy Sussex County Government

The County Council also approved 9 new and returning members to the 11 member Advisory Committee for the Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities.

Image courtesy Sussex County government

A public hearing on the “Lakeside Annexation” was held after being postponed on January 15th. This would extend the boundary of the Sussex county Unified Sanitary Sewer District in the Blades area to include several parcels along Route 13. There was no opposition to the annexation and the council approved the motion by a 5 to 0 vote.

Government Affairs Manager Michael Costello talked trash to the Council this morning. He gave them an update on the MOU approved last June between the County and the Departments of Correction and Transportation for picking up trash in the state right of way along Sussex County roads. Since last July over $13,500 has been spent to cover overtime for a supervisor of DOC inmate trash details. The program has received 41 requests from the public about trashy roadsides. 958 bags of trash have been collected and 142 tires were picked up along over 82 miles of county roads. Costello told the council that the program is working well, however they do not do any enforcement – that is turned over to DNREC. There is a link at the bottom of the County’s website that residents can fill out to report trashy roadsides –

County Engineer Hans Medlarz had a large agenda today. The Council approved the reforestation and meadow creation on an open parcel of land that is part of the Landfill #3 buffer site off Dorman Road in the Angola area. They also approved a MOU with the Center for Inland Bays in reference to the Wolfe Neck Spray Irrigation site, which includes a hunting program agreement. An agreement was also approved with Artesian Water for the County to purchase potable water service to supply users in the Ellendale Water District. Ellendale area residents approved the creation of a water district last September after a referendum vote in 2017 failed.