Delaware Memorial Bridge Shatters Traffic Records


The Delaware Memorial Bridge shattered traffic records last year.  The bridge saw over 18-million vehicles through the southbound toll plaza – beating a record of over 17.8-million that was set in 2016.  Last year’s traffic totals represent a healthy 2.9% year-over-year increase.  Other records – highest traffic volume for a weekend period was set the weekend of August 16 through 18th – with over 211,000 vehicles.  August was also the best single month in history with over 1.8-million vehicles – the previous all-time record month was August – of 2003! 

In addition to registering more than 18 million vehicles in a calendar year for the first time ever, the Delaware Memorial Bridge also established other notable traffic records in 2019, including:

·        Best single month in history – August 2019 with 1,845,190 surpassing the previous all-time record month of August 2003 (1,818,185)

·        All-time record traffic for months of April, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

·        First time October and November numbers topped 1.5 million

·        Most number of 60,000+ days in one year – 56

·        Most number of 65,000+ days in one year – 31

·        Topped 70,000+ vehicle days in one year – 8

·        Highest traffic volume for a weekend period (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) set on August 16-18 – 211,685 vehicles

·        Best ever Good Friday traffic volume of 73,198 set on April 19