State Auditors Collaborate On COVID-19 Related Data Template


A group of State Auditors, including Delaware’s Kathy McGuiness, are developing a national COVID-19 Data Quality Audit Template. It serves as a framework for states to follow as they go about monitoring their coronavirus-related data.

States are hoping the result is more accurate data collection and interpretation as state auditors and fiscal watchdogs carry out their responsibilities during the pandemic.

“I saw variation in the reporting and monitoring of COVID-19 cases by states nationally and felt it was important to have a consistent tool for states to easily review and share information about how their state’s approach to data use informs COVID-19 mitigation efforts,” McGuiness said Tuesday. “It’s an issue every state is grappling with during this pandemic, and I’m proud to lead this effort toward a universal goal.”

The collaboration involves Auditors from Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio and Pennsylvania.