VIDEO | Wicomico Co. Deputy 1st Class Glenn Hilliard Posthumously Promoted To Corporal


On the day before he would have turned 42, Wicomico County Corporal Glenn Hilliard has been laid to rest.
Sheriff Mike Lewis announced at Hilliard’s funeral in Salisbury that Hilliard would receive the rank of corporal posthumously and be promoted from deputy first class, based upon his dedication to the job and his experience.
Hilliard was shot to death in Pittsville June 12th while trying to apprehend an armed fugitive, who had not served any jail time for a robbery with a gun in Baltimore and was wanted in several jurisdictions.

Law enforcement colleges, family members and friends spoke at the funeral, which drew a large turnout of law enforcement officers and members of the community.

Emmanuel Wesleyan Church video of Wicomico Co. Corporal Glenn Hilliard’s funeral, Tuesday June 21st.

(service begins about four hours into video feed)