A.G. Jennings Criticized By Law Enforcement Leaders For Decision On Camden Protests


A decision to not prosecute “The Camden 22” – the protesters who were arrested during a demonstration in Camden – is drawing harsh criticism for Attorney General Kathy Jennings from several law enforcement organizations.

Leadership of the Delaware State Troopers Association, Delaware Police Chiefs Council and Delaware Fraternal Order of Police and Retired Troopers have signed onto a letter denouncing Jennings’ decision.

She says the decision followed a review of police records, 9-1-1 calls, video and photos of the June 9th incident.

Jennings also predicted  she might be “demonized equally” by those who want criminal convictions of any aggressive protestors, or against police who made arrests that night.

The letter from law enforcement representatives says the AG’s decision indicates that the office “not only encourages and condones criminal behavior by protesters, but justifies and excuses it.”