AAA Survey Finds Many Will Stay Close To Home For Thanksgiving


The COVID-19 pandemic is discouraging many Delawareans and Marylanders from traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, according to a survey conducted by AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The auto club snapshot indicates that 86-percent of Delaware residents do not plan to travel, and nearly half say concern over coronavirus is the reason they’re staying home. About half said they were not planning to travel anyway.

Of those who do plan to travel, 78-percent will be driving, 19-percent plan to fly, and three-percent will take some other mode such as a bus or a train.

Nearly 700 Delaware drivers were surveyed earlier this month. 89-percent of Maryland drivers who were surveyed also do not plan to travel for the holiday.

For those who do plan to travel, AAA Mid-Atlantic Manager of Public and Government Affairs Ken Grant said travelers should be aware of any regulations at their destinations regarding coronavirus, quarantine etc. If you are driving, please consider packing meals and snacks to reduce the need for stopping.

“Although Thanksgiving is typically a driving holiday, it should be noted that, since the beginning of COVID, those who have decided to travel this year have predominantly done so by car where they can have greater control over their environment and the ability to modify plans at the last minute,” Grant said.