Ad Campaign Targets Carney’s Cease-and-Desist Order


Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion, a Delaware-based Political Action Committee, is airing a new aid that criticizes Governor John Carney for his campaign’s attempt to get media outlets to stop running a recent CTI ad.

The previous ad was critical of the pardon of Barry Croft Junior, one of the suspects who was recently arrested in an alleged conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Carney signed off on the pardon which was approved by the Delaware Board of Pardons. The ad also stated that Croft was pardoned within the past year, while this year he refused calls to commute the sentences of Delaware prison inmates who were at risk of COVID-19.

With just a week before voters head to the polls, it’s more important than ever that First State residents know the extent of Governor Carney’s failures of Delaware’s most vulnerable communities, including inmates, low-income Delawareans, and people of color,” Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion spokesman Chris Coffey said.

Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion describes itself as a political action committee “that promotes transparency, accountability, diversity and inclusion in Delaware’s state government and court systems.”