Adult Mosquito Spraying in Wicomico County Ends For 2023


As of earlier this week, the spraying for adult mosquitoes in Wicomico County has come to an end. The county had no reports of any persons testing positive for any transmittable diseases. Two mosquito pools tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. Those two areas received Aerial applications to reduce the number of mosquitoes and possibility of disease transmission to humans or livestock.

Additional Information from Wicomico County Office of the County Executive:

Bills for the 2023 season will be calculated and sent to the County Finance Office by November 30.
Community contacts should receive those bills before the end of the year.
Contracts for the 2024 season will be sent out in February to communities that participated during the
2023 season. If your community did not participate in 2023 and you would like more information about
how to join the program, please contact this office at 443-614-3556 or email