Allegations of police brutality in Harrington

Allegations of police brutality in Harrington after a video circulating on social media shows an officer punching a man in the face while a K9 Unit bites his leg. Sometime around 2 AM Saturday night Harrington Police Department responded to the Harrington Casino for the reports of a fight.

Police took one person into custody, identified as Jermaine Newcomb in news reports, who allegedly began resisting arrest. However, a video posted on Facebook (which has since been taken down) shows Newcomb lying on the ground pinned beneath an officer, who repeatedly punches him in the face. Meanwhile a K9 unit is clamped onto Newcomb’s lower legs. Witnesses on the scene say the man was not involved when Harrington Police targeted him and began using excessive force. Harrington Police Department has yet to respond to WGMD for a request for comment.