Allen Harim calls DNREC fines “unfair”


DNREC slapping a $250,000 fine on Allen Harim for past wastewater violations. Officials say Allen Harim discharged water with unacceptable levels of ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorous, bacteria, and suspended solids multiple times between 2012 and 2016. Allen Harim CEO Joe Moran saying the company invested $8 million on upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant, and after completion in 2016 there has been 100% compliance with discharge parameters. He says the company will appeal the penalty assessment because its “unfair” based on actions taken by the processer since its violations.

In a somewhat related note: an inverter failed at Allen Harim Thursday afternoon, causing two wastewater pumps to shut down for 20 minutes. There were reports of water gushing into Beaver Creek, although officials telling WGMD the water was “largely contained” on the property, where it was captured and will go back through the wastewater treatment system.