Auditor, DHSS At Standoff Over Medicaid Data


Delaware Health and Social Services and the State Auditor, Kathy McGuiness, are headed to court.

McGuiness said an annual audit that examines federal programs that are administered by the state has not been able to find proof from DHSS that it effectively screens Medicaid applicants for eligibility, before approving or denying benefits. This is the third consecutive year of that finding.

According to McGuiness, her audit team has been stymied in its effort to get more data from the state. McGuiness has subpoenaed the information, but DHSS has tried to block it in court.

“It is unconscionable that these failures continue to happen, especially within the Medicaid program, which serves such a vulnerable population,” McGuiness said. “Clearly, this is a problem that has existed for years – long before the COVID-19 pandemic, so that’s not a valid excuse for why these critical Medicaid reviews aren’t happening.”

“What I am seeking is access to information that ultimately results in how state tax dollars are spent on Medicaid,” McGuiness added. “Delaware Code clearly gives me the authority to do this, yet DHSS officials have refused to provide my team with full access.”

To read the State of Delaware Single Audit Report, please CLICK HERE

“What does DHSS have to hide regarding its Medicaid program performance?” McGuiness said. “After three years of Single Audit findings, it’s obvious that DMMA (Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance) could use an in-depth, outside perspective on how it could improve its operations. My role as the state auditor is to act as a fiscal watchdog for all Delawareans, and part of that role includes providing recommendations for greater accuracy, efficiency and economy – which is what I’d like to do here for DHSS.”