Authorities Stress Importance of Heat Safety After Dog Dies in Car


Public officials in the first state are warning the public about the dangers of leaving animals and children in vehicles during extreme temperatures, after a dog died in a car in Wilmington.

Officers arrested 41-year-old Lamonte Jordan of Wilmington on Tuesday after his dog was found dead, left inside a hot vehicle. Jordan was charged with two counts of cruelty to animals, two counts of failure to vaccinate for rabies and two counts of failure to obtain a dog license. He was released on 4,500 unsecured bail.

Delaware Animal Services reminds dog owners that it is illegal and unsafe to leave dogs in a car on a hot day. The temperatures inside of a car can rise quickly, putting the dog at risk of heatstroke or death.

Christina Motoyoushi of Delaware Animal Services said “This situation is entirely preventable.” She continued “Despite efforts to educate the public about the dangers of hot temperatures in regards to our pets, individuals still leave their dogs in hot cars. Dogs should not be left in any vehicle for any amount of time in the summer.”

Officials say if you observe a dog left in a car and cannot locate the owner to contact Delaware Animal Services at (302) 255-4646 or to contact 9-1-1 immediately. It is illegal for anyone besides first responders to break a vehicle’s window to free the animal.

Pet owners should also take these additional steps to protect their animals during excessive heat in the summer months: Animals should have access to shade and water when outside, you should practice caution when walking dogs in the beat and pay attention to the signs of heat stroke.