Beach-goer’s Citation For Violating Boardwalk Mask Requirement Goes Viral


A Lancaster, Pennsylvania man has received the first citation for violating a requirement that visitors on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk wear a mask.

Used with permission.

The Monday incident was capture on cellphone video and was widely shared and viewed.

Tuesday, Rehoboth Beach Police provided context:

A seasonal cadet spotted the maskless man coming up to the boardwalk near Funland and advised him of the mask requirement. The man continued to the beach and responded that the cadet should follow him and “make him.”

A full-time officer arrived and accompanied the cadet to chat with the man on the beach. They asked for his identification but the man said he did not have it with him. Police also say he provided a false name and state of residency.

After receiving and ignoring numerous warnings, the man was taken into custody and detained. After about an hour of further discussion, he received a civil citation for the mask violation, was given a mask and was released.

Rehoboth Beach Police added that since the mask requirement went into effect May 22nd, officers have educated thousands of people about the rule and had provided about 3,000 masks. Signs and electric boards also advise visitors of the requirement.

Police add that the officers deserve credit for showing “tremendous patience in the face of defiance.”

Used with permission.