Beach Replenishment Underway in Bethany Beach


Beach replenishment getting started in Bethany Beach / Image courtesy

Beach replenishment is underway in Bethany Beach. Over the next two to three weeks Weeks Marine will place an additional 320,000 cubic yards of sand on the dune and beach between Third Street and Wellington Parkway – weather permitting. This over $24-million renourishment project is repairing the storm damaged beaches from Rehoboth Beach to Fenwick Island.

Piping for delivering sand to the beach will come ashore between Campbell Place and Central Avenue. Construction will move north from Campbell Place initially. When work is completed in the northern sector of the project area, construction will move south. To ensure safety, 1000’ sections of the beach will be closed during construction. Crossovers will be built and fencing installed after beach replenishment is complete. Dune grass will be planted in the fall.